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9.980 -0.010 (-0.10 %)

High: 9.990     Low: 9.900     Vol: 741,300 Average Vol: 6,428

last updated: 1-Nov-2017 4:56 PM

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[BURSA] Comfortable with slow and steady swing stocks? It'e time to buy in some Bursa stocks.

The chart has a clear strength in the background. Then we have successful tests. Now it's on the up-trend. It's a high probability set-up for trading long. It's time to buy and hold for weeks or months. It will slowly but surely earn you some money.

The Current Price: 6.48.

The Cut Loss Price: 6.25.

Risk and Reward Ration: 10.5% and 3.5%

Regards, 12 July 2012

[BURSA] Sea of Red. Friday 5th August 2011

Hold or sell?
Hold, babe
Sell and Sell Quick. Major Correction coming.
You can always buy back at lower price later.
Agreed.. Sell Quick then wait n see to re-enter.
Hmm.. you should sell off last friday.. and take the wait and see approach.. see what happen to the market..
my advice is you should sell now because the bear market just started. The reason is there is a lot of BAD news rather than GOOD news.On Friday there is a support from institutional fund manager and our market is only down 1.4 % or 22 points. My prediction on MONDAY the market is going worst than on friday and the WORST YET TO COME.
Sell off everything ad... incurred loss avr 4%... quite a lot... anyway i think a good due to 1) US debt problem intensified with stupid move by raising the ceiling 2) US losses of AAA cerit rating 3) Eurozone debt crisis. Until all these has been corrected ... hardly to emter he market
Depends on whether you bought the shares based on fundamentals or technical analysis. TA would tell you to sell, but if the share has solid fundamentals, you can always hold if you're confident of the share's potential.
yes exactly. TOtally agree with you.
Also, note what sort of stocks you're holding in your portfolio. If they are strong defensive dividend-yielding counters, you'd be foolish to sell them off in fear. If you had bought some shares riskier shares earlier for a quick gain, then it might be prudent to stop loss. So there's no clear and 100% correct answer to this, it all depends! Remember, a paper loss will always just that unless you actually sell it off. I've had many shares that I held for a few years even that eventually retraced back for a healthy profit (not forgetting the dividends over the years) e.g. NVMulti, Huayang, Mutiara. Be strong and may the Force be with us all!
It depends.. it advisable to sell now and buy back later.. for that u will gain a better profit..
If you were to hold.. you wont gain much profit and it takes long time to recover ur lose.. so it is advisable to cut loss and recover ur fundamental share later...
Again, the key word is "It depends" - if you're making a profit when this hit, it's better off to sell it off quickly and buy it a later stage. But if you didn't manage to escape before then, you're better off holding it. As I said, paper loss will always remain just that unless you turn it in a real one.
Today, we saw the market the CI went down 46 points in the morning session before rebound and closed at 26 points down. Tomorrow trading will depend on Dow Jones tonignt. My prediction, the Dow Jones tonight will going down again about 300 point.
I took the 2008 market crash data for reference. Here is how its looks like:

Date DJIA Close Point Change % Change
October 1, 2008 10,831.07 -19.59 -0.18%
October 2, 2008 10,482.85 -348.22 -3.22%
October 3, 2008 10,325.38 -157.47 -1.50%
October 6, 2008 9,955.50 -369.88 -3.58%
October 7, 2008 9,447.11 -508.39 -5.11%
October 8, 2008 9,258.10 -189.01 -2.00%
October 9, 2008 8,579.19 -678.91 -7.33%
October 10, 2008 8,451.19 -128.00 -1.49%

As you can see the market was down for 10 DAYS! and rebound on 13 October. Will it repeat again? hmm
US market will be in the red due to the rating cut, and guess what happens tml? we will most probably have double digit loss again but a shortlived technical rebound is forming soon..
At 10.40 pm (Malaysia Time) Dow Jones down 340 points.What will happen tomorrow at Bursa???. Anybody can guess....
It will be very red... like blood...
Dow Jones down 635 points last night. What happen to Asia market this morning.For Bursa,I predict it will go down by 40 point.Will buy some good fundamental stock.
You should not buy if the US has not announce any QE3 because without good news, stock will go down and down. It is not about fundamental price earning and other financial ratio now, it is about which country would foot the bill of the debts generated by excessive consumption in US, Europe and elsewhere. Of course nobody want to pay for someone's debts and in US they are going to pull the brake on anymore spending.
Malaysia stock market will fall further..I am looking at 1300 level or less..
KaChing kaching $$

Profit made.. Thanks
What is the prediction for 15 Aug onwards ? yo yo or downwards trend
yo yo for at least another week ..till after raya

[BURSA] Bursa - any potential to high RM15 or shares split

please advise about Bursa now RM12.30 on Thurs.

Any potential goes up to as high as Rm 13 + in short term ie within one mth.

Any shares split in the near future? in one year time?

What is the fair price now?
bursa depends on volume
so whether it goes up or not depends on rising volume.
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