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High: 0.140     Low: 0.140     Vol: 2,019,000 Average Vol: 34,689

last updated: 1-Nov-2017 4:56 PM

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[DIGISTA] Cup-and-handle

Digistar has been forming a Cup-and-handle formation since June 2011. Major break-out soon?

I took into the consideration of this:-

Supporting the formation:
- Uptrend before the formation
- Except for the slight rise in November 2011, otherwise the U-shape cup was solidly formed
- Volume dried out in the current potential "handle"

Not-supporting the formation:-
- Huge run-up prior to the Cup formation, which decrease the chances of more run-ups
- The peak at the end of the U-shape cup was much higher than the beginning one, which may not comply to the Cup-and-handle theory (= U-shape should have same peak at both ends)
- Handle fell too low. According to Cup-and-handle theory, the general rule is a downward movement of 1/3 the Cup.

However, given the low P/E, I do expect more run-up in the future.



Another sizzling quarter.

Read the last paragraph.

Main Board it is.

Today price hit as high as 49.5sen.

Need more volume to clear out all the pockets of resistance before this stock turn BULL all the way.
mind explain why quarter after quarter it show better n better result, but the farking price cannot break 50c?
peculiar isnt?
no farking here please :)
Maybe back to 30 sen when XXX sold position or maybe go to RM 1 when somebody accumulate enough.
hallo NEDsTS,

Are u happened to be a Headmaster of some school? if u do, let me tell u i m not one of your pupils.
Farkoff !
And stop busybody i didnt ask u.
its like u walk in timesquare, then someone come to u and say he doesnt like the color of cloth u r wearing.
and he is not sadam hussien, not nazis, nor hitler, he is just a fuckhead of nobody. :>
50 sen is a psychology level. In this high volatily and trendless market you can expect traders to unload or sell on strength as quickly as they brought them. If you look futher in the P&L report you will notice that while earnings had improved tremendously Revenue had not been going anywhere. Pockets of resistance continue at 45-47sen unless we see more volumes to take up the selling pressure. If you had entered at 41sen in my first posting you could have made some decent profits. If you have patient and hold the stock for 3-6 months I believe this stock can give you superior return.
thanks trader8899
very good analysis for investment.

i had traded it once few months ago and felt that it wasnt a tradable stocks for short term.
Ya. I share your view on this counter. This stock is still in sleeping mode while the rest of the ACE counters are moving up with no earnings but political connections.

But whilst waiting for the stock to be awaken you still can play the 44.5sen support (BUY) and 46.0 sen resistance (SELL) level. That's 3.33% ROI excludg commission.

Now the stock is at 44sen below the short term SMA-10d and 20d. Isn't it a good time for you to try again.

If you look at the volume bars in green vs the red bars since Sep 2011 isn't it telling you something that Smart money is accumulating the stock at 40sen-48sen band.

Happy Investing!
If you can wait longer for the migration to main board and the Sales to improve when the tender opens next year you and I will definite be rewarded for our patience.

hi Trader,

admire your patience. when they wake up pls let me know, god know how long they want to hybernate....
i am having similar experience with EAH. Promising but yet nothing. :)
good point, promising but yet nothing. that is against our objective of Trading isnt it?

bear in mind we are not investor. we do not want to be another warren buffet.
the long awaited moments finally arrive!

[DIGISTA] From 3rd Board to Main Board soon

You bet on it. It will only be a matter of TIME.

2010 2011
‘000 ‘000 %
Q I 498 6,179 +1140%
Q II 457 4,569 +900%
QIII 1301 7,648 +487%
QIV 4142 ?

For a growth stock with good earnings for the last 4 quarters and trading at PE of 5; this stock is Grossly MISPRICED.

White long candle proved its dominating BULLISH power on Friday again after Thursday’s weak closing.

Demand of this counter continue to show visibility even when the market was downed on Thursday. A closer review of Thu candle chart showed price gapped down 1 sen to 42.5 in the opening and selling continue until it finally found support at 42sen. Traders immediately took position and drove price up and closed at 43sen, 0.5sen above the opening session.

This continuation pattern is gaining momentum with volume continue to rise and broke the 45 sen resistance level with ease. Traders continue to accumulate more shares expecting a stellar earnings announcement soon and more projects on the pipeline.

Next resistance level is 48 sen.
Tomorrow still can enter? Am I too late to jump in?
Yes if you can get in at 46.0 - 46.5 sen that would be good. Minor Resistance at 47sen. Watch out for volume. If above 40k should be able to pass 47sen easily.
Maybe a bit hard to get in at 0.455? I am going to invest in this counter (Digista) and hold it until the end of this year man! What about its warrant? Can also go up right?
Based on the strong closing on Fri (large white candle) I think the momentum is going to continue today esp in the morning. Dunno about mid afternoon when the Euro markets are open.
hooray! it has exceeded the resistance now:).
i see digistar stock is moving up trend. should i set my target price at 0.50? or higher? should i collect digista WA as well? looks like very cheap to enter now. please advice.
last 2 days saw some pullbacks.

Price is still above the SMA 10d and 20d indicating sentiment is still Bullish.

Good entry at 44.5sen.

Pockets of resistance will continue once the price touches 46-68 sen range.

We need volume to shake off these weak holders that bought their shares in May-July 2011. 8 million shares will be a good start.

Volume down to normal levels for the past 2 days.

Profit Target of 50sen? I dunno ur risk reward ratio. Also what type of trader are you.

You need to establish Profit Target that before you buy this share. Profit is profit. Nothing wrong to take profits off the table.

I am a position trader. I read the charts and market sentiment to make my decision.

Your major support level is 39sen. Now is 44.5sen. Profit target of 50sen. Your risk-reward is like 1:1.


Digistar continue to trend laterally forming a Congestion band between 40-42.5sen.

Small real black candles with low volume show traders continue to stay sidelines.

Price is now trading at the lower Congestion band and if price broke below 39.5 sen then sellers are starting to unload their position.
The time is ripe to start accumulating this stock since it is now well supported at 40sen.

News that All terrestrial TV stations to go digital by 2015 on Thu Oct 20 failed to excite any new traders into the market. Volume remain mild. This could be because the award of contracts worth more than RM2billon will only be announced next year and sentiments right now is taking cue from Europe and the US markets.
Agreed, maybe can enter at $0.360-$0.390

Aug panic sell when index drop to 1310 $0.360 is the lowest you can buy.

Wow! you are such a great analyst. thanks for your generous sharing !

[DIGISTA] Digistar - Exploding quarterly to come

I had just received some good news from my sources on this counter today. Will be a good trading buy from now on until the real show comes out.

The real show will be fueled by the following:-
1. Exploding quarterly result compared to same quarter of last year. (Coming very soon)
2. Bumi Issue
3. Listing to Main Board, no more ACE.

No need long grandmother and grandfather story, this is summarized enough for a quick and easy read.

More action to come on the 2nd half of the day.

Cheers, and TP will be 70 cents according to my source.
Bone TP, RM 0.60.

Cheers and happy trading.

For more info can follow me at
bro, u are the main share holder of this counter ? HAHA... Seem like you support this so so so much. Any how, thanks.
No, I am not main share holder. I do not support a counter so so much. I recommend based on my own research and connections I got.


[DIGISTA] digista will spark

above 0.55 before 31may2011
Still cheap TP 0.86
Digista qualify to switch to main board -If the profit can be maintained for the next few quarters.
Digista aggressively buying back their share
Digista will announce big project with big impact this Jun.
Hi, where to find your article????
Please do check press con release
Watch up guy. Digista sell treasury share to push the price up
Hopefully consolidation for Digista will be finished and will up in up trend again next week. Just watch.
Digista buy back their share again
Digista will achieve RM0.53 - RM0.57 shortly.

[DIGISTA] digista can move on 0.24

digista can move on 0.24
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