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[OTHERS] Suggestions for improving the rankings of top predictors

Hi Tradesignum guys,

It seems that there are a few ways to abuse the prediction ranking system, which perhaps can be reduced by some system tweaking. Here are some things certain people are doing/can do to increase their prediction ranking with minimal risk:

1. Set very long-term predictions with minimal changes (e.g. predict a 5-10% increase/drop over a period of more than half a year)
2. Set a pair of predictions that counters each other, therefore ensuring at least one is right.

I would like to suggest several things:
1. Factor in the % of wrong predictions, so that people will be less likely to make 'wild' predictions.
2. Factor in the duration of the predictions in calculating the rankings
3. Prevent same person from making predictions on same stock at same time.

I believe that if it is done, the quality of the predictions will improve, while the quantity will be reduced, thus ensuring only better predictions are made, while those who who make the top rankings would be really those who did their homework and stuck out their necks to make them :)

Hi TradeSignum,

I agree with BuddingInvestor. Maybe u should take his suggestion & do analysis in the depth. TQ
I disagree that setting long term predictions for a 5 -10% gains is considered "abuse" , tradesignum.com is a website for investments. Not just exclusively for day traders or swing traders. There are many long term low risk investors that wants to invest their money for a decent 5 -10% returns per annum versus placing their money in fixed deposits and getting just 3.85% per annum on their principals. Remember, there is no prizes for top predictors here to be won, everyone is just trying help each other get some better returns on their investments. Nothing more, nothing less.
Ok fair enough, Asura.. your predictions are still all right I agree (although they can certainly do with more explanation/rationale), but there has been some in the past that predicted changes as small as 1% over a period of 1 year -_-" Anyway, it's a suggestion, perhaps the quantum can be tweaked accordingly to root out the less desirable predictions.

I do disagree with your statement that everyone here is just trying to help one another though. Fact is, there's a lot here who are trying to help themselves by peddling shares that they have bought but unable to sell off/setting lofty targets for shares in the hope that some poor sod buys them. No doubt, there are good ones e.g. Myco, Ramsyll to name a few.
The existence of such " stock peddlers" are not new and they are in almost every stock forums trying to hard sell their stocks. So unfortunately there is not much we or the admins can do about it.

A reason why i don't rationalize my predictions is because there are many that may think that my method of riding the trends which is long term are wrong and dull. And the more i try explain it, the more it will cause discontent. So i prefer to just put "....." instead.

but tradesignum does include the "i think so/ not likely" function.. So that gives users to agree/disagree with the prediction made and allow the investors to judge the situation accordingly.

Remember, trading or investing is serious business and everyone should do their own homework instead of relying 100% on tips/predictions. What we predicted out is just as a option for them. Ultimately they are responsible for their own investments, their stoploss, their risks and how diversified their portfolios etc.

furthermore, i think Tradesignum should add a function that shows the percentage gains/loss of the prediction when you select the price.. Now we can only see how much is the % changes of the prediction that we predicted after we posted it out and there is no ways of altering or changing it after it is posted out.

those are just my views though. This website is still a gem when compared to others. :) have a nice day and happy holidays .
Great comments, and I fully agree with most of it (especially with this website being a gem!) Frankly speaking though, it would be good to elaborate more than just "...." - at least we can understand your rationale for an expected price movement, otherwise it'd be like someone posting up predictions for the next winning 4D numbers!
This would also help the folks and young ones visiting the forum to learn and understand better.

Sure, there are many different ways of trading/investment, and no one can say a method is better/worse 100% of the time, but hey, that's why we are here, to learn and exchange ideas :)

Hi Folks,it just sharing the thoghts.Everyone has its own strategy or system.Take the good one then reject the bad one.
Thanks everyone for taking the time to provide all these valuable feedbacks.

A better ranking system for the prediction is always in our to do list and i think it just get pushed to the top by this thread. We will definitely take every suggestion from everyone of you into consideration.

While there is a ranking for it, the initial goal for prediction is to encourage sharing which we hope will eventually lead to a valuable discussion.
Most of you here have shared, contributed much and shown respect to each other even when it comes to exchanging opinions. We believe this will lead to a very valuable and helpful community.

Please justify a prediction as it really helps others to understand, research or maybe even verify your reasons.

In order to keep up the quality, going forward we have no choice but to take a prediction with no justification offline. And Asura, we are all well aware of your knowledge. Please share and We thank you for your understanding.
Hi Asura,

I forgot this in my previous reply. We have added the function you suggested. You will see a message of the % change and in how many days when either one of them changed.

Awesome! Can I also suggest putting in a mechanism for us to contribute the upkeeping of the site e.g. as what is done at Wikipedia. Entirely voluntary of course, but we realise that you guys need funds to keep this site free and accessible to all. So those who made some money from the tips/advices here can give back :)
Great discussions guys! Let's make tradesignum.com better!
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