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[HARVEST] Upside Post Designation

RM1.2 billion contract award will coincide with de-designation of Harvest court, believed to be some time in early January 2012. That would also coincide with pre-CNY rally.

Those with cash, buy now, as post designation price will be significantly higher due to the return of liquidity.

The share price will keep on inching higher from now until de-designation time as investors who hope to buy at lower levels will jump on in the days and weeks ahead once realizing that the price won't be coming down.

At 10% profit would mean RM120 million profit from the RM1.2 billion contract. That would definitely transform Harvest Court and justify higher share price.

Not to forget Prime Minister's son is one of the investors in the company. That alone would call for high premium of the share price.

The major shareholder and his close associate (Prime Minister's son) have substantial businesses that could be injected into Harvest Court in the future. This was the reason the market created huge premium for the share price before it was designated. Season players would conclude that pure speculation could not have done the job. Normal speculation would have the whole thing collapsed after the price moved from RM0.64 to 0.86.

Would not be surprised if the price moves past RM2.00 again while it is being designated, as the market always price in the future value/potential of share price ahead of time.


tell us something we donno please.



Xenon just disclose some very useful information.
according to the "guru" that has always been wrong in his prediction. the same Wrong Guru of KNM and HWGB just to name a few of his track record.
according to the "always-wrong Guru"

1)harvest will be de-designation January. so everyone, it is de-designate in December

if u wait til january then too late. hahaha.
by the way.. prime minister son resign d...
he is still a shareholder. that warrants a premium on the share price.

also the boss said RM1.2bil worth of projects will be given to Harvest in stages; so the future is looking up. if one to calculate future eps for the next 3 years, assuming contracts of RM400 mil/year & 10% profit, then one would arrive at eps of around 40 cents.

btw, there is this one BOY trying to talk to me. i don't talk to boys.

i open my book here. a book of super trader. might be shocking to boys. i made RM400k on hwgb; 200k - bought 0.68, sold 0.98 and another 200k - bought 0.52, sold 0.72.

made RM350k on knm; gain 385k - bought 1.96, sold 3.20 and lost 35k - bought 1.45, sold 1.35.

made RM870k on harvest; bought 0.26, sold 2.03.

this time my toe also laughing already. hahahah.
thanks Signum for contributing a superb comedian, trading can be bored in malaysia but with this superb comedian, things r so different!

why dont u open your legs to let some gay member here enjoy?
hi mr Xenon aka always-wrong-guru.
did u passed your primary 1 math or not?
your assumption of 10% profit of RM400mil a year turn out to be EPS of 22c, 22 cents la.
please go back and check your book or super trader did you buy hwgb at 98c, sell at 68c, knm buy at 3.20 sell at 1.96?

hahahaha. so fun.
Xenon, as it is your credibility in these forums is pretty low based on the results of your 'predictions' so far. Anyone can claim anything in the forums, Simon can claim he won the lottery while I could claim I made twice your amount from Harvest, but hey, where's the proof to backup your claims? You post your 'predictions' as if you were the next best thing after Warren Buffet, but as of now your failures easily outweigh that of your successes.

All we can tell about you right now is that you're just a pompous charlatan out to fleece young ones venturing into the giddy world of stock markets. Despite claiming to be a seasoned trader, your latest posting now is asking people to hold a share like Harvest for 1 month plus. Yikes..

Anyway, Simon is one of your earlier victims I believe, thus he's now taking out his frustrations on you :)
he is The Guru.
trade does not mean contra.contra is gambling as you have to sell no matter what.
rule of thumb - shares always jump after designation lifted. going by past history, designation will last about 1 to 2 months. there's no such thing called prediction in stock market. you trade based on experience. it's just like sailing. u need to know how to read wind direction. then your boat would just glide away, smooth. that comes with experience, plus intelligence.

maybe one of these days, i'd post my transaction slips here, but then again u would say the slips are tempered with.

let me make another claim. just cleared mbfh-wa at 40.5. bought at 12 some 3 weeks ago. mother shares look tired already.

the BOY actually did the calculation.40 mil/180 mil shares. what about 20% profit ?? premium for pm's son ?. premium for potential injection of assets?.premium for potential backdoor listing of sagajuta? premium for political connection? premium for election play ? "a galloping horse can only be restrained for a short while".
see, nobody trust your cock stories...

you forgot to mentioned you also bot Sanichi when it was 5c, and sold today for rm500k profit...

my mother still keeping my Primary1 math book, you want to borrow and go thru it again?
Oh.. you reminded that I have SANICHI XD
Thanks to TeaChi I didn't sell until I forgoten about it :P

I could make 25% profit from your 5cents o
BTW thanks to someone who suddenly sold me 40k lots of those at 4 sen
actually bought a few lots of sanichi today at 15.5 and sold at 19.5. made 11k plus. this is peanut for me. that's why i didn't mention. why the BOY keeps on talking to me. wonder why. maybe he did took serious cock stories on the internet and bought n hold shares with hard earned cash. the boy need to learn when to cut loss, when to play n when to stay out. a lot to learn. another lesson - can trade in n out every year about 6 weeks period before CNY. stop 3 days before CNY.
cheer up.. this is the forum for us to share our knowledge and learn more investment staff here.. if u all want to quarrel.. please go somewhere else..
Its just investing.. ppl make mistakes and what we can do its just learn from mistakes.. Stop flooding the forum.. thanks..
Most valuable lesson - nobody gets rich by playing the stock market, of course except the experience few, like me. can't read n not taught in math school either. actually if you can look at live screen full time n can react quick enough, it is quite easy. of course experience is required. 4 ways: buy off high when accumulation is taking place; buy off high when big boys got stuck at higher levels; the most common one is momentum trade - buy when price is moving on momentum, sell when it loses momentum even if it means only after 2 minutes; also quite common, buy during force selling of previously high volume trade. the trick is if the damn thing does not move as expected, dump them all. never hesitate. boys want to play a man's game. careful not to loose your pants. sound like a casino ? you damn right it is.
"Most valuable lesson - nobody gets rich by playing the stock market, of course except the experience few, like me." <---- LOLROFLMAO!
where is he? i already got the Mental Hospital Ambulance standby from Tanjong Rambutan in Perak.
want to invest ? ok but too boring for many. buy n hold during period of price weakness and pessimism, like now n the next 6 months - the like of knm, e&o,uoa, unisem,etc and come back n sell during bull market another 2,3,5 years from now. market was up nov 10 - feb 11, n has been downtrending ever since, that is price-wise. knm was 3.20/3.40 then. it is now 0.98. on the way down many so called smart investors got stucked. 300k then is now valued at only 100k. 200k paper loss. for traders or those who took the pain to cut loss would not have suffered 200k loss. but traders could get everything n more wiped out, but unlikely so for investors. another lesson - frequently take money off the table and stash them away in a bank account. don't touch this account. now if you can't gauge my experience, expertise n level of intelligence from the above lines (below for you, got it ??), then u r too DUMB to even play the market or invest. adios boys n girls. last tip to ponder - i am not in the country, half a globe away. got it ? if u don't, then confirmed u r SUPER DUMB.
yea... u are super genius.. the only question that ponder my mind is why din u appear in front of the newspaper after warren buffett... hmm.. still thinking..
i think backward n the opposite than you do. got it? if you don't, then u r dot, dot, dot. adios once again and for many times to come. confused ? it means adios for the last time.
LOL, indeed we get it. Just like in your suggestion of Harvest, you're asking us lowly traders/investors to buy, and instead you're dumping.

Indeed, this forum is not suitable for rich 'millionainare' dicks like your self. I truly wonder why'd you still be here dispensing free advice. The last time we saw Warren Buffet doing this in a forum was... err...

Wanna say adios, then just get lost lah. Don't linger @_@. ADIOS!
post designation today, limit up 1.40.
tommorow up some more.
Quote "Despite claiming to be a seasoned trader, your latest posting now is asking people to hold a share like Harvest for 1 month plus. Yikes.."
Those who picked up the shares during designation period, get ready to sell tommorow 1.50-1.70. Hope to make $100k within 1st hour tommorow.
Big boys will stabilise and distribute their bad positions. Once they r done. The whole thing will collapse like 10 pins. History repeats itself again and again and again.
Hi Xenon, can i have your e mail. my email is awie531@gmail.com, tq
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