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Instacom 0069 - Buy Now!!!

Below 30c is cheap.

above 33c by end Jan or early Feb, CNY rally!

A PROXY for CHINA FDI PLAY, Instaco now a fundamental growth stock.

Many research houses soon giving coverage.

Mkt rumours are that at least two research reports out soon giving :-

1) A target price of 38c by March 2016 n

2) Between 60c to 70c based on 2016 orders on hand n profits.

Whilst CIMB gave a target price of 67c based on 2017 valuation.

Technically, MACD n RSI shows a bullish momentum with consolidation buying taking place.

Traders, stockists n punters all will jump when breakout occurs.

Current price 27.5c strongly supported n offers a great buying opportunity.

Instaco A Gem. Long term growth stock with sound fundamentals.

Biggest company in the Ace market. Getting bigger with China money pouring in.

Instacomabove 30c very soon.
Instacom - Top 1 today up 1c at 28.5c vol 52m.

Below 30c still cheap.

Rumoured new research report coming out from another broking house.

New report target price 2016 70c. Target price for Q1 40c.

New report based on Current Valuation whilst CIMB gives future valuation of 67c.

When new report out Instacom share price will definitely shoot up.

Instacom 0069 - Buy Now!!!

Instacom πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ above 30c very soon. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
Instacom - Top 1 up .05c at 28c vol 86m yesterday.

Instacom standing strong even when KLCI dropped 40 pts.

Sound n solid fundamentals. Profits for 2016 assured. RM2B projects in the bag.

Research houses keen to cover. Rumours end Jan report out.

Target price short term - 40. Year end 2016 - 70c.

Below 30c still cheap to buy.

New report out, Instacom price will guarantee spike up.

Instacom 0069 - Buy Now!!!

Instacom πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ above 30c very soon. πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻
Instacom - 0069. Dont miss out!!!

Ready to surge soon. Can buy and ride on strong momentum.

Below 30c still cheap. Now 28.5c. Top 5 this morning.

No market meltdown as feared today. Business as usual.

Analyst report out end Jan.

Short term target price 40c. End 2016 target price 70c.

Heard Instaco will also announce projects award worth a few hundreds millions in Jan. Soon and ahead of CNY!!!

Instacom πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ above 30c for sure. About to head north… enjoy the ride!!!
Instacom - 0069. Steadily trending upwards!!!

Ready to breakout anytime. MACD cutting upwards.

Don't miss the Ace Market Biggest Company's strong upwards momentum.

Below 30c CHEAP to buy!!!

Closed 28.5c. Top 4 today.

Fantastic liquidity. Nov total shares turnover 2B. Dec shares transacted 1.25B.

Short term target price 38c conservatively. End 2016 target price 70c.

Heard projects worth several hundreds millions will be announced before CNY.

Instacom about to πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ above 30c.

Join the ride before it takes off!!!
Instacom - 0069. ALL THE WAY UP towards 40c!!!

Breaking out for sure. MACD confirmed cutting upwards.

Below 30c to 33c CHEAP to buy!!! Congrats to those who bought in early.

Fantastic liquidity n follow through buying.

Rumours that "Foreign washer funds will be in in a big way very soon."

Once foreign funds in, short term target price 40c a certainty.

Target price for end 2016 70c may happen sooner.

Rumours - Huge project awards announcement out soon.

Instacom about to πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ towards 40c.

Don't wait but join the ride now.
Instacom - 0069. Jump in now!!!

TOP 1 with Vol 175m up 1.5c at 30c. Monday was 27.5c. MOVING UP ON HIGH VOLUME.



Technical chart reading confirmed BUY 3 days ago.

Below 30c to 33c still CHEAP!!!

Best liquidity from Biggest Company in Ace market.

Foreign funds coming in in a big way very soon.

Target price 40c looks likely by CNY.

End 2016 Target Price 70c.

Huge project awards announcement soon.


πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ above 30c for sure tmrw.

Jump in now before you miss the plane.
Instacom - Darling stock for 2016

Name change to Vivocom International at today's EGM.

More than just a name change.

Why Vivocom International? It signals the company emerging as a Construction Giant, and especially in bridging China money and Malaysia.

All indicators point upwards!!! New high breaking 34c soon.

As we know, a new stock moving upwards on high volume tend to mean new highs are going to be touched very soon!!!

Can expect more price moving news from big contracts announcements

Instaco now on radar of some giant foreign fund managers waiting for the right time to move in.

When they move in, can expect Instacom to hit 40c short term. RM1 eventually, u never know with Shooting Stars.

Buy now n Enjoy the ride!!!

Below 33c still CHEAP!!!
Instacom 0069 - Holding up well. 29.5c vol 58m.

Below 33c still CHEAP! ! !

No market meltdown. No fear.

Some profit taking.

New shares just listed from private placement - no major selldown to cash out.

Buy when others sell. Be a Contrarian.

Shooting towards 40c when new research report out. Projects award news also out soon.

Enjoy the ride from 30c upwards.

Best liquidity from Biggest Company in Ace market.

πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ above 30c for sure sooner than you know
Instacom 0069 - Holding up well.

Closed 28.5c vol 90m. VWAP 29.38c.

Below 30c still very CHEAP! ! !

No market meltdown. No major selldown. No fear.

Just normal price retracement due to profit taking n overall bearish sentiment.

28.5c to 30c superb buying opportunity.

MACD cutting upwards. Uptrend still intact.

Still shootingbtowards 40c.

Heard new research report out. TP 40c Q1 n 70c Q4.

Projects award news also out soon.

Fantastic liquidity from Biggest Company in Ace market.

Keep your faith. Steady your nerve. You will be rewarded.

πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ above 30c for sure sooner than you know.
Global weak market sentiment creating a rollover effect in Malaysia. This however provides an opportunity for mid to long term investors to acquire more Instacom shares at a bargain price before end Jan when price expected to shoot up due to expected project awards n new analyst reports.

Once again INSTACO defied the bearish influences of China's markets today and settled the day with fractional loss.

Today's volume was high and whatever selling was well absorbed by the smart-money.

Eager buyers were aplenty and they took advantage of the minor correction to add further positions or establish fresh positions.

The absences of panic selling suggests that the underlying strength of INSTACO is solidly constructive.

Trading strategy: Look to buy more tomorrow should the upward momentum reassert itself.
KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 8): Shares of Instacom Group Berhad, which will soon change its name to Vivocom Intl Holdings Bhd, were up by 1.75% at mid-morning

At 10.20am, Instacom gained half a sen to 29 sen with a trading volume of 23.5 million shares.

Yesterday, the company announced that its recent private placement exercise had raised RM33.75 million from strategic investors.

Previously the company had announced that the exercise would involve up to 10% of its issued and paid-up capital or 323.42 million new shares, at an issue price of 25 sen each, and that the bulk of the proceeds would be for future viable investments and general working capital.

The placement proceeds would further contribute to its cash balance of RM37.99 million as at Sept 30, 2015.

Instacom joint chief executive officer Datuk Seri Dr Yeoh Seong Mok had said during the announcement that he anticipates an exciting year ahead for the company.

Instacom 0069 - Strong Rally
Coming. Closed 29c Friday.

Market chaos has calmed.

No more below 30c after this week.

29c - 31c already CHEAP! ! !Great buying opportunity.

Last week bearish market but no meltdown. No major selldown even with Private Placement shares.

In fact, bulls setting bear traps for active collection forming a solid foundation with huge volume for a strong sustainable upward surge towards new highs.

Breaking 34c high & heading
towards 40c within weeks.

All the positives factors on Instacom from market talk :-

1) New analyst report out soon. TP 40c Q1 n 70c Q4.
2) Projects award news also out soon. End Jan/Feb.
3) Fantastic liquidity from Biggest Company in Ace.
4) Closely monitored by foreign funds waiting to come in.
5) Solid fundamentals.

Can collect aggressively.
Below 32c is still CHEAP.

πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ to 40c soon.
The whole of Malaysia to be chasing Instacom. 40c Lai liau
Dunn miss the ticket for your rocket... Up up up already πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
Instacom - Top 1 yesterday. 28c vol 55m.

Holding strong despite very weak market.

Heard award announcement out end next week. Over RM200M project. Confirmed but waiting LETTER OF AWARD.

Rumours at least two awards announcement by mid Feb. Also confirmed n waiting LOA.

New analyst report also heard out soon. Target price 40c.

Below 30c still very cheap.

Great buying opportunity.

Can collect aggressively.

πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ to 40c soon.
INSTACO settled the day on a firmer note.

WHY? Seller at 27.5 sen was very light at 922.6 thousand shares.

Appears that profit-taking pressure has started to fizzle out as prices approach the lower level of the trading band. This suggests that majority of weak long holders have bailed out.

The trades at 0.28 and 0.285 today is painting a different picture.

At 0.28 sen, a total of 12.276 million shares changed hands, off which 10.865 million shares were buyers booking seller and at 0.285, a total of 4.230 M shares were transacted and again the buyers were the aggressors, jumping up to book sellers on volume of 4.240 m shares.

What does all these numbers mean?

It is simply telling us without any emotions that INSTACO is ripe for the next spurt up initially to test it's immediate technical chart hurdle at the 30 and 31 levels in the very near future.
Instacom (0069) - Steadfast n strong at 28c!

Holding strong despite very weak bearish market. No panic or heavy selling while savvy players collecting amongst global market confusion.

Weak holders fizzling and flushed out. All selling at 28c well absorbed. They would have collected cheaper if they could.

Uptrend definitely confirmed n ready to surge. Any fundamental news will start the spurt to a new high.

Award announcement out soon. Over RM200M project. That and more to come.

Near term target price 40c still very likely based on Instacom’s superb liquidity, high volumes n price chart.

Below 30c still very cheap.

Now is the best time to buy.

In good market, you profit from others' greed. In weak market, you profit from others' fear and uncertainty.

Can collect aggressively.

πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ to 40c soon.
Instacom - Turning Bullish!!

All technical indicators now point to Instacom turning bullish in the weeks ahead.

Project announcement out next week. Contract award over RM220M.

Instacom :- Breaking 31-32c soon.

All signs, technical, volume, price trends n fundamentals all point to Instacom turning bullish in the weeks ahead.

Rumoured Instacom has secured sizeable project to be announced within days. Over RM220M.


Main hurdle is global market turmoil n hence bearish sentiment.

But Contrarians n Smart money will see this as a buy opportunity.

Below 30c is still CHEAP!
Instacom :- Turning bullish n breaking 31c today.

All signs, both fundamental n technical, confirmed UPTREND SURGE!

Rumoured announcement today or tomorrow. Contract Award Over RM220M.


Contrarians n Smart money see buy opportunity. Why not you.

Below 30c is still CHEAP!
Predator Eye-View -- INSTACO

It was an inside-day today!
INSTACO opened the day marginally lower and then moved into defensive trading with prices hovering within last Friday"s narrow range of between 28 and 29 sens.

Total volume today dipped to 34.05 M shares compared to Fridays volume of 58.93 M shares.

The bulk of today's volume were done at 28.5 sens where 27.75 million shares changed hands.

Volume trade at 28 and 29 sens we're relatively moderate at 3.32 and 2.98 M shares respectively.

Overall technical setting of INSTACO at close today stayed friendly and continues to point to the prospects of a firmer trading environment tomorow.
Instacom :- Bullish Uptrend confirmed by strong buying at 29.5c.

UPTREND SURGE beyond 31c looks imminent.

Rumours abound that a big announcement for Project Award of over RM450M will be made after market closed today.

BELOW 30C CAN JUMP IN before the SURGE begins.

Instacom you just simply cannot ignore anymore.

Its solid, steadfast growth as a Giant Construction Company in the making is fast gaining credence.

As the biggest company in the ACE market with superb and sustainable liquidity making it a consistent volume leader in KLSE for several weeks in a row is indeed a rare phenomena in Malaysia.

Buy Buy Buy Buy......
Predator-Eye View - INSTACO

There were some early jittery profit- taking activities today as some nervous players took some money off the table following the shake-out in Tokyo.

The bulk of today's long liquidation selling pressure was well absorbed by bargain-hunting buying and bottom-fishing activities and it sort of resembled 'pouring buckets of water over a duck's back'!

This gave me the change to pick up a substantial amount of marbles at the lower end of the trading range at 28.5 sens.

Announcement at the close today that INSTACO had secured a RM 240 million development project should provide the incentive for players who 'see-money-take-money' to jump back onto the bullish bandwagon.

Trades were done from 28.5 and 30.0 levels on a volume of 50.70M shares.

From a technical perspective, the trading scenario today looks and smell like a typical bear-trap in an up trending market. GMT
KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 20): Instacom Group Bhd subsidiary, Vivocom Enterprise Sdn Bhd, has secured a RM240.42 million project from Coneff Corp Sdn Bhd.

The company said it would construct two commercial towers comprising service apartments, two retail units, one recreational centre and a seven-storey car park.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia, the e-business solutions provider said the project would begin in March and completed within 45 months.
Instacom - Breaking out n taking off!

Grab all at 28.5c to 29.5c without hesitation.

Major take-off once 30c - 30.5 resistance level reached n broken.

Market talk - major price booster news n report out this week, both contract awards n analyst report.

Chinese press made "BUY" call :-


This stock can hold long term. Target Price 80c.
VIVOCOM 0069 - two days of solid advances, up 2.5c. TOP 5 vol 41M, closing at 25.5c.

Aggressive buying on 41.2M shares took prices to new recovery highs at 26c.

A total of 74.1% of today's trades were buying activities. People were simply buying up to grab sellers!!

In today's two-sen range, selling was well absorbed as traders rushed in to take positions. The overall trend stayed very positive with a higher support level now!!

More upward price trend lies in trading sessions ahead.

If tmrw breaks above the 26c level with high volume, it's highly likely new rally-highs at 27.5c - 29c levels would be established.

During the past two days, total volume of 89.15 M shares was very much liquidity-driven.

If liquidity begets liquidity, this bullish rally is set to continue strongly on its upward momentum. Enjoy the ride!
My favourites counter.
Mid-Day -QA Review
VIVOCOM bullish-rally expanded on aggressive renewed buying on strong volume of 30.48 M shares and made new rally highs at 0.275 before closing the morning with gains of 0.01 sen at 0.270.
Traders were keen buyers encouraged by market-talks that an impending announcement by VIVOCOM and CCRC would be supportive for prices.
At 0.270, 17.04 M shares were transacted where buyers took the offensive and took 15.22 M shares off the sellers. At 0.265, buyers were the aggressors, booking 8.03 M shares from sellers.
A trader remarked that the main reason why prices are surging is ' simply because there are more buyers than sellers'.
Meanwhile, the reliable QA Trend-Tracker remains bullish for the near term price trend and indicated that the next upside price-target to be around the 0.285-0.295 levels.
VIVOCOM 0069 – Largest and one of the most reputable companies in ACE market.

2nd round commenced last Mon, base price 23c.

Friday finished at 27c Top 4 vol 46m!

5 days up 4c, surging momentum charging to break 29c - 30c levels within days.

Vivocom with solid n sound fundamentals, revisiting double-top high at 34c in immediate future.

2015 full year profits came in at RM9.8 million on the back of RM99 mil revenue.

That's net profit margin of approximately 11% which is remarkable given usual construction margins only 5% to 8%.

Based on the CIMB report, Vivo expects to register a revenue of RM600 mil. Given the past year’s margin, expect to record a net PAT of RM60 mil this year!!!

Order book stands strong at RM3 billion. And believed to be still growing!

Vivocom is the construction stock all investors must have in their portfolio of investment.

Anything below 30c will is a BARGAIN!!!

Vivocom is undervalued now. With more investors coming in, expect it to move up to MIDF’s intrinsic value of 58c, and then CIMB’s of 67c!!!

Enjoy d ride UPWARDS!!!
VIVOCOM share prices came alive on higher volume (13.0 M shares) as traders re-entered the market in a moderate way following market-talks that the 1Q PAT expected to be release in mid-May would easily exceed earlier expectations by a large margin.
Remours of impending announcement of fresh contracts also aided sentiment.
Prices test it immediate chart resistance briefly at 0.280 and closed at 0.275, up 0.005.
The QAGOR signals end constructive and call for further further sideways to higher fluctuation.
The volume distribution chart and transaction would provide a complete picture of today's trades.
Vivocom 0069 - Friday closed up 1c at 28c vol 29M.

Breaking 28c - 29c in days.

Q1 results to be announced in May will surpass all analysts, funds n market expectations.

Will Gap Up to 34c previous rally highs when Q1 results out.

If trading momentum strong n market sentiments positive, Vivocom may go all the way past 38c.

Rumour has it Target Price has been set at 45c.

Price moving news such as contract wins to be announced soon.

Popular market gurus with huge followings and reputable analysts all making BUY calls.

Buy n hold till May is the mantra.
Gob ..uptrend
Vivocom 0069 - Friday closed up 1c at 28c vol 29M.

Contract win announcement coming soon!

Going to BREAK 28c - 29c instantly to establish a new support level before another BIG PUSH towards 29.5c - 31c levels.

Q1 results to announce in May will exceed all analysts, funds n mkt expectations by
over 50%.

Will Gap Up to 34c previous rally highs when Q1 results out.

If trading momentum strong n mkt sentiments positive, Vivocom expected to go all the way past 38c May/June period.

Rumour has it Target Price has been set at 48c.

Price moving news such as major contract wins to be announced by end April/May time frame.

Popular market gurus and reputable analysts making BUY calls.

Buy n hold till May/June is key. Any pullback represent opportunities to buy.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show!
Online link of report in SunBiz today: http://m.thesundaily.my/node/358809
VIVOCOM closed up 0.020 on a heavy volume of 84.05 M shares, the best since 17Feb 2016.

Buyers maintained their bullish stance the entire day by taking a total of 62.60 M shares or 75.7% of the asking prices.

This is a clear reflection and indication of the changed underlying sentiment and strength of Vivocom.

Based on the Quantitative Algorithm cycle-change signals, we are now in a very constructive phase of the upward rally and prices are expected to hold firm from here with intermittent rallies in days ahead.

Some would like to term it as a screaming-buy now.

The next station for this train is at 0.34-0.36 levels.
Vivocom 0069 Top 3 closes at 29.5c vol 67M.

After several days of strong advances n solid gains, it's time for a breather.

To flush out weak holders n scalpers, can expect shares to trade in the range 28.5c to 30c.

Before next surging to break new highs of 34c - 36c.

Market talk is Vivocom -

Charging towards new highs by next week as a series of new awards contracts heard to be announced soon.

Also news update n reports by analysts from Tier 1 n Tier 2 Research house heard coming out too.

Q1 PROFITS HEARD Major market talk that Vivocom will be super strong.

Between RM18M to RM20M.

Assume RM19M. Annualized Profits will be RM76M.

PE will be 9.12 at share price of 28c.

Comparable companies with similar market cap trades between 14 to 18 times.

So fair value of Vivo shld be in the region of 43c to 55c.

Also heard that by end of April Vivocom securing at least another RM500M to RM1B projects.

Rumour has it Target Price has been set at 48c. Maybe higher!

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At the historical-high of 0.34 sens, which is just round the corner, 100% of ALL VIVOCOM investors would have profits to show in their books.

It is a win, win situation all the way!

VIVOCOM 0069 Top 4 up 5c at 29.5c Volume 23.93 M shares.

This is the fourth-day that prices held steady and calm, trading on a relatively high volumes, at the 28c -- 30c levels.

There was no panic to sell at all at these levels. No only that but all selling well absorbed with heavy follow through BUYING.

Why? The market does speak to us, the question is, do we LISTEN?

It is currently simply saying :-


At the historical-high of c34 sens, 100% of ALL VIVOCOM investors have made comfortable profits.

Not a single investor would have any losses to show!

It is a win, win, situation all the way!

This high-speed train is charging to leave the station very very soon!

Get on it n don't get in its way.

The Vivocom train is definitely on an upward rally that would send prices to visit the 34c - 36c new highs.

Listen to the markets. And markets are never wrong!

THE markets are saying jump in now at 29.5c to 32c n dun get left behind.
Hottest Counter in Town!

Buy Vivocom 0069 tmrw between 31c to 33c.

Keep till end May/June target price 48c to 68c.
Vivocom 0069 - Volume leader n KLSE darling stock

Strong rumours will break 34c -36c by next week.

Charge in to buy now below 32.5c

Today T+3 so can pick up some at 32 before it moves up again.

Based on trends established these past few weeks, next week will start trading at 34c - 36c levels.

At 32c can buy n pick up up without any hesitation.

New target price rumoured now 48c to 68c by May/June period.

Fantastic Q1 results out in May.
Take Note:

Monday opening, Probably Gap Up...Vivovom as strongly promoted by GM Teoh (one of the speakers) at the Saturday Seminar sponsor by Bursa Malaysia at Viva hotel.

Friday cls of Vivocom

Research house & IB TP

MIDF Fair Value. 59 Sen
TE research TP 74 Sen
Mercury Sec TP 48.5s-68.5s
CIMB TP 67 Sen

Trade at your own risks
Vivocom 0069 last Friday, Top 3 @ 32.5c up 1c volume 41.3m shares.

Vivocom largest ACE company in KLSE with mkt capitalisation of RM1.13BN.

Consistent market leader in volume with fantastic liquidity for past 8 months since September 2015.

Market talk is that Q1 reports will be super strong n solid. Price n mkt moving!

Heard Q1 reports out in week from 16th to 20th May.

That means only 9 to 14 working days.

Majority view is that it is expected to GAP UP to over 40c n beyond.

Can expect stock RERATING following Q1 reports release.

Also heard more contract wins in the pipeline, to be announced within days.

32.5c - 35c will soon become bargain prices after GAP UP.

Vivocom 0069 Top 2 closed 34c up 1.5c volume 72.04M.

FIRST CLARION CALL issued yesterday to take
33C - 33.5C levels was successfully executed and attained.

Now all technical charts show Vivocom on a mega bullish uptrend to head towards its next trading levels at 39c - 40c in the foreseeable very near future.


LEVELS 34C - 34.5C!!!

VIVOCOM 0069 Top 3 closed 34.5c volume 43c!!

Tmrw 12th May is it! GAP UP DAY!

Today's 11th May IS KEY. DOWS up 222 points.

Today is setting the stage ready for the strong GAP UP tomorrow for VIVOCOM to levels 38c -42c.

Today the bulls will take the lead to break through levels 34.5c -35c.

Level 34.5c almost no more sellers.

Today all signs are pointing to a strong surge in buying with the BULLS charging through gates 34.5c - 36c levels.

Today VIVOCOM shares will be on fire!!! There will be a huge BUYING FRENZY!

Today 11th May after 5pm we heard Q1 results will be announced.


HEARD Q1 results a Mega Fantastic Humongous over 60% jump over all analysts estimates. Profits of RM18M we heard.

Today we heard another two analysts report out with a Strong Buy call with TP 73c - 80c.

TODAY IS IT!!! All the market BULLISHNESS exists for you guys to CHARGE & ATTACK.



GO FOR IT. GRAB ALL 34.5c to 38c LEVELS. Today market awash with rumours since last night, VIVOCOM going to give either FREE WARRANTS OR BONUS SHARES.

Remember last round they gave 1 bonus share for every 3 existing shares held.

Many investors who held on to their shares till now rumoured to have made easily over 300% returns!!!
Noctics, where is your 38c? Where is the GAP UP ?
Profit taking after news was expected. Yesterday and today's sell down have chased out quite a bit of speculators, the price should stabilize at current level and our concern now is the overall market sentiment
Hi Noctis , now , can vivocom price go to 30c this october?
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