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[IRETEX] Ire-Tex Corp Bhd and Tey Por Yee's former lawyer Mak Lin Kum designed abuse of court process to block 12 July 2017 EGM. An act of corporate terrorism.

The Ire-Tex State of Anarchy

Such perception embedding conspiracy was designed and manufactured by one Mak Lin Kum. Mak is the personal and company lawyer for Tey Por Yee and Ire-Tex Corp Bhd for last 2 years.

In short, the acts are similar to bank teller collusion with robbery, kidnap the bank deputy chairman (Donald), prosecuted the CEO (Christopher), grounded the general manager (Kong), and prevent the bank shareholders from getting access to company, in the name of "self-defined justice" and excuses for themselves to spend money on behalf. They strongly believe this is an act of self-explanatory Robinhood. Therefore kidnap, take-control, rob, and kill the bank & bankers are "inevitable" and "very honorable thing to do".

The leader even convinces the wrongdoers (Felix Chin Wui Choong and Teh Eng Huat) to "file police reports, file for legal suits, and further promote themselves of having "All Mythy authorities (Bursa, SC & Jesus) blessing" to bend the law and pursue justice on their own hand to rationalize their wrongdoing. Such “corporate Terrorism” is devastating.
Suicide Bombers Terrorism vs Corporate Terrorism

It's also no different to the lost souls who blow themselves up together with hundreds of people on the street in the name of All Mythy - therefore took control of public bus & roll over human flesh killing innocent people, burn shops and houses, all such act are reasonable and something to be proud of. Indeed?

According to Mak Lin Kum, Ire-Tex shareholders, the company and the stakeholders are just part of the casualty for his version of "greater good". Moreover, there is no pain or loss for these lost souls (note: Felix Chin, Mak, Shariff & Amryn, are not shareholders). Therefore, even if 0.1% odds there could be a chance to achieve self-declared caliphate, there is no harm for them to try. Why not, as there is Special SWAT team to shot ISIS terrorist at sight; there is no law to punish corporate terrorism.

Ire-Tex Corp Bhd jaw-dropping legal suit such as to abuse (shareholders') company to punish shareholders for “not taking care of Directors and as a reason to keep them in power", is totally unheard off. Wasn't it directors' duty answerable to shareholders as the basic foundation and meaning of a "company"?

What the cult leader Mak meant was "in order to keep them to pursue (in his own definition of) justice, therefore shall kidnap all evil capitalist shareholders, kill and loot them, and declares Communism. In fact, to be more trendy, inspired by ISIS, they could self-declared caliphate.”
Are these people such "Noble" and "Great"?

As evidenced, Wintoni Corp Bhd 20 June 2017 EGM has proven otherwise. If any shareholders still remember 11 September 2015 Wintoni EGM called by one Yap Kok Weng, which Mak Lin Kum used similar modus operandi to sue dozens of shareholders to scare Yap Kok Weng off, would find that the latest Wintoni EGM Yap Kok Weng’s supporters also voted and removed Mak Lin Kum, Mohd Shariff bin Omar, and Ahmad Amryn.

The pack of 3 count Mak, Shariff and Amryn are also the same culprits cling on Ire-Tex Corp Bhd today like a leech and being named to be removed on 12 July 2017 EGM.

Ugly Truth in The Cruel World - Out of Greed

The wrongdoing directors count Mak Lin Kum and Felix Chin Wui Choong being the leaders in this corporate kidnapping and money looting case, an example of virus spread across the entire capitalist system. Market perceive the self-convinced action movie stars are as good as suicide bombers killing innocent people in the name of greater good.

Mak Lin Kum, the not very independent "independent-director", is a long-time lawyer for his sugar daddy, Tey Por Yee. The client whom he turns into his personal vendetta is inspired by conspirator Hwang Teng Hui. Who is Hwang is another story, but according to reliable sources, irresponsible conspiracy was started out from this person. Hwang who conspired “there is no shareholder to support Wintoni, therefore shall give away the PLC (to him & Mak); and Ire-Tex shall be PN17 by December 2016 under Kong & Christopher, as both took commission (evidence proven other wise).” Despite the irresponsible and scary prophecies, none of it is true. Wintoni has 100% support from shareholders to remove Mak & coy; Ire-Tex shareholders are calling EGM on 12 July 2017 to expel the same wrongdoers who choke Wintoni to its last breath.

Market believe the “greed” factor is the master of all evil. Kidnap and took control of Wintoni and Ire-Tex, and sling stories on the shareholders, are just a smoke screen to cover their wolf tails.
Who is Mak Lin Kum?

Mak Lin Kum, being a lawyer to his client Tey Por Yee and Ire-Tex Corp Bhd, was hired & assigned to audit and find faults in existing Ire-Tex management. It was a duty for Tey Por Yee to his former shareholders and company with the intention to find leakages and clean up. Whatever Mak uses and twist was already known in his 2 years serving under Tey.

Market believe what happened and how the directors turn terrorist was like the ISIS story. The special agent Hwang, Mak, Felix Chin & gang works for American capitalist Obama Tey, who sent them as a SWAT team to spy on ISIS and clean up Ire-Tex. Under the cult leader Hwang Teng Hui who brainwashes the team, promoting the beauty of ISIS and possible rob-and-declare independence (as the state of caliphate), had turned against Tey and joined ISIS. The excuses were more conspired than the actual ISIS. Count the company enemy-of-state Teh Eng Huat as the main Taliban ally, followed by Chong Ket Pen, the headmaster of the corporate criminal school, which inspired the birth of Taliban and ISIS. Both con masters. (Teh Eng Huat has his episode 2 scam case in MQ Technology Bhd under investigation, and Chong Ket Pen in his suspected graft & money laundering fiasco cooking in Protasco Bhd. Those are separate stories.)
Inspired by the con artists, the cult team can't find any excuses on their target victims, which count the 2 executive directors of Ire-Tex, Kong (ED) and Christopher (CEO), so cult leaders Hwang & Mak designed lame story and force them to resign from the board. When shareholders found out and called for EGM to remove them, within few days they found an ally (Teh Eng Huat) and made a deal, dropped the 2 legal suit on Teh Eng Huat, and use Ire-Tex shareholders’ money to manufacture legal suits in hope to “prevent” shareholders from carry on EGM.

In respect of court for an out dated technical "wording" arguement, shareholders called for another EGM to be held on 12 July 2017. Mak & pack file legal suit and declares war “to the whole world”, and further request the court to “prevent Ire-Tex shareholders from voting”.

The designer Mak Lin Kum took the law in his own hand, and got his prophet Hwang Teng Huat prophecy “busted” in Wintoni; is now trying to use the court process to retain power in his state of the caliphate.


Wintoni Group Bhd's extortion snaps before EGM. Who took shareholders for a ride? Mak Lin Kum who?
Breaking the Law Repeatedly? What's in for the Pack?

Some senior editor passes a nice statement from Hong Kong classic movie “『反清復明』只不過是一句口號;如果成功,就有無數的銀兩跟女人。“ It means the superhero wannabe in Qing Dynasty to bring down Qing and reinstall Ming Dynasty are just smoke screens spreading by cult leaders to rationalize the kidnap, robbery, and looting of money and women.

Mak Lin Kum being a lawyer, broke his lawyer-client privilege, when he picks up knife and spear selling off his own client to his enemy. Ethics and credibility were already long behind his head. Mak Lin Kum, Felix Chin Wui Choong, Mohd Shariff bin Omar, and Ahmad Amryn, already broke Take Over code (Take Over, Merger & Acquisition rules) by taken control of Ire-Tex board and abuse as if their own. This is further proven when Mak induced Teh Eng Huat by taking advantage of Mak’s control in Ire-Tex to cut a deal, in hope Teh Eng Huat could pursue his personal agenda and one day loot from former shareholder Tey Por Yee, regardless of law, truth or evidence. This is another evidence of breaking Take Over, Merger and Acquisition rules taking secret benefits. The “deal” is so obvious, by mere reading through Bursa Malaysia pass announcement would easy pinpoint the motive and read the evidence like a book.
The wrongdoing directors upon shareholders named them to be removed in EGM, rush and drop Ire-Tex legal suit on company creditor Teh Eng Huat, causing harm to Ire-Tex. The wrongdoing directors further use shareholders' company money to "pay legal fees and use the court to interfere EGM, the AGM and coming another EGM", broke all their duties being a director. Market wonder what is in for the pack worth to commit suicide?

To punish the shareholders by holding the law on their own hand, and in their self-rationale caliphate standard, is Mak Lin Kum typical modus operandi as evidence from his reckless excuses used in Wintoni September 2015 EGM against Yap Kok Weng and innocent shareholders voted for Yap. In Ire-Tex episode, Mak went even further to link Indian to Indian, Muslim to Muslim, and Homosapien to Homosapien being "related parties" to his personal target Tey Por Yee, therefore Mak uses them in hope to create smoke screen to confuse the court using conspiracy, and fool the public which might not have basic legal knowledge. Under common law (Note1), nobody is guilty until proven. Nobody shall stop shareholders from voting, nor prevent any professionals from carrying their duty before any legal decisions. Court process takes years, and legal process shall not be abused by anyone to stop business processes.

Note1: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: "Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.".
Made-Default of ICULS RM300k interest to "save" or "kill" company?

The most devastating move by Mak Lin Kum is to kill Ire-Tex business and spend money filling legal suit while deliberately refuse to pay Ire-Tex ICULS interest of mere RM300,000, causing it to default and “pressure Bursa to find ways to default it” by using BursaLink system. Such default is almost impossible, and obviously designed to default.

Unethical corporate Terrorism Spreads. What next?

Chong Ket Pen’s act of bites the hand who feeds had inspired and spring birth wolfs and terrorists in the corporate world to take advantage of Chong's target - Protasco Bhd former substantial shareholder Tey Por Yee. Such as the very existence of Hwang Teng Huat and Mak Lin Kum, followed by Teh Eng Huat, Felix Chin Wui Choong and followers Shariff and Amryn, were not supposed to be in their position if not because of Chong. Mak Lin Kum’s menace had further inspired other PLC such as Stone Master Bhd, which is also using the process of the court to cause harm to company and shareholders.

Market wonder how far such corporate terrorism shall last to plague the capital market and economy as a whole. What if GLCs or bluechips opportunist started to abuse the court process for personal agenda? Lawyers turn lawbreakers, kidnap and take control of PLC becomes a noble act similar to ISIS suicide bombers? Perhaps it's time the country needs a fresh SWAT team to handle corporate terrorism. Until then, the market can only stay sideline to watch the massacre and public slaughter in the hands of the corporate terrorist.
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