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[PRTASCO] Chong Ket Pen Pusing and Pushing. Why cover up 25 June 2012 Protasco demoted Chong facts?

Without the boss, we couldn’t even dream of getting a majority stake in the national assets (concessions) for a song. Although I paid through the nose to own Protasco PLC, how I took Protasco PLC to my own possession is indisputable a soul selling exercise.

During the 20 years, although I had failed many of my own ventures, count Syria, Lybia, South Africa, Hainan, and Indonesia among the huge losses over $200 million combined, I had successfully cover-up and put the blame on others. The art of survival learn from JKR helps me a lot. One must know how to pushing until so confusing, to make up fake evidence (manufactured-evidence) in order to successfully put a blame.

In order to camouflage my real history, I associate myself with public services. Outside of Protasco, I am currently the Chairman of Malaise Professional Liar Association, Chairman of Malaise Hippo Cultural Fund, Deputy President of the KL-Sellsoul Hippo Association, and the Vice President of the KL-Sellsoul Chinese Assembly Hall. I use my seniority as a weapon and I am proud of myself as a good liar.

Full story: http://pusingchongketpen.blogspot.com
(movie storyline): I am presently the Executive Vice Chairman and Group Managing Director and Co-founder of Protasco PLC; a listed company since 2003 on the Main Board of Bursa Moonlight Africa. Despite being the founder, together with Mr Hasnur, we are planted as caretaker by our substantial shareholder, the beneficial owner.

I got control of Protasco PLC started on 3 November 2012, and completed the power quest on September 2014, which is where I am today. I was only a 15.5% shareholder when I was sacked (on June 2012). Today I direct and indirect controls over 30% of Protasco PLC. How I pushing and raised $100 million these 4 years and got control of Protasco PLC is my own business, nobody shall question.

According to Bursa Moonlight announcement, I was demoted on 25 June 2012 by my former boss which was the Protasco PLC controlling shareholder, and I used victims Ooi Kock Aun and Tey Por Yee, by committing them on 3 November 2012 to take over Protasco PLC substantial shares from controlling shareholder. Ever since then, I restored my power and later manufactured series of blames on the victims and took full control of Protasco PLC. Success doesn’t come easy; it takes a lot of sacrificing. How one pushing is important when comes to fulfill one’s greed, whatever it cost.

Movie trailer of Chong Ket Pen.
25 June 2012 Chong Ket Pen was not Demoted. He was PROMOTED but his boss place See Ah Seng as ED to watch over him and Ibrahim Noor as Deputy Chairman to stay ABOVE HIM. So technically he is PROMOTED to MOVE POWER.

25 June 2012 Chong Ket Pen DEMOTED by given Group MD title for show.

25 June 2012 See Ah Seng was ADDED as ED to "watch over" CHONG KET PEN.

13 June 2012 Ibrahim Nor PROMOTED to Executive Deputy Chairman by the boss. ABOVE Chong Ket Pen position.

Chong Ket Pen 25/6/2012 Promoted & Demoted. How he gains control of Protasco Berhad with 15% shares by demonising substantial shareholders?

July 20, 2017
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6sz580jRqE
Chong Ket Pen history from a public servant with the government, to owns 15% shares worth US$10mil on the year 2012 until control of Protasco Berhad and the sudden rise of power in the year 2014 owning shares worth US$30mil is an open secret & truth untold.

Indie movie synopsis. Based on a true story with supporting public announcements.

The Internet is amazing. One cannot hide their lies and cover up real information. No matter how much one demonize his opponent.

25 June 2012 Chong Ket Pen was not DEMOTED, yet he is technically DEMOTED. How could this happen?

He was PROMOTED to Group Managing Director of Protasco Berhad, but his boss appointed See Ah Seng as Executive Director to watch over Chong Ket Pen's shoulder, and Ibrahim Noor as Executive Deputy Chairman to stay "CONTROL OVER" Chong Ket Pen. So technically he is PROMOTED to LESS POWER, and later to LOOSE POWER when 5th & 9th October 2012, more director…
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