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[OTHERS] Forex Signals Updates

Currency pair level of 31-May-18

EURUSD R1-1.1721 R2-1.1777 S1-1.1563 S2-1.1462
GBPUSD R1-1.3317 R2-1.3346 S1-1.3251 S2-1.3214
AUDUSD R1-0.7613 R2-0.7654 S1-0.7503 S2-0.7435
NZDUSD R1-0.7031 R2-0.7074 S1-0.6914 S2-0.6840
CHFCAD R1-1.3135 R2-1.3250 S1-1.2940 S2-1.2860
Currency pair level of 1-June-18
USDJPY R1-109.10 R2-109.38 S1-108.46 S2-108.11
USDCHF R1-0.9861 R2-0.9934 S1-0.9822 S2-0.9787
USDCAD R1-1.3029 R2-1.3099 S1-1.2853 S2-1.2747
EURGBP R1-0.8812 R2-0.8830 S1-0.8767 S2-0.8739
EURJPY R1-127.87 R2-126.51 S1-126.47 S2-125.69
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Currency pair level of 05-June-18
USDJPY R1-110.00 R2-110.19 S1-109.50 S2-109.19
GBPUSD R1-1.3377 R2-1.3441 S1-1.3273 S2-1.3231
NZDUSD R1-0.7060 R2-0.7091 S1-0.6987 S2-0.6946
CHFJPY R1-111.53 R2-111.90 S1-110.70 S2-110.24
GBPJPY R1-146.79 R2-147.38 S1-145.72 S2-145.25
Currency pair level of 06-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1750 R2-1.1781 S1-1.1669 S2-1.1621
USDJPY R1-110.05 R2-110.31 S1-109.5 S2-109.21
GBPUSD R1-1.3432 R2-1.3475 S1-1.3225 S2-1.3260
AUDUSD R1-0.7652 R2-0.7687 S1-0.7588 S2-0.7560
EURGBP R1-0.8787 R2-0.8824 S1-0.8719 S2-0.8687
Currency pair level of 07-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1810 R2-1.1846 S1-1.1724 S2-1.1674
GBPUSD R1-1.3443 R2-1.3473 S1-1.3385 S2-1.3354
USDCAD R1-1.2994 R2-1.3044 S1-1.2875 S2-1.2807
EURGBP R1-0.8800 R2-0.8821 S1-0.8748 S2-0.8718
EURJPY R1-148.24 R2-148.69 S1-147.12 S2-146.44
Currency pair level of 08-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1835 R2-1.1872 S1-1.1767 S2-1.1736
USDJPY R1-110.14 R2-110.557 S1-109.37 S2-109.04
GBPUSD R1-1.3473 R2-1.3523 S1-1.3372 S2-1.3322
USDCHF R1-0.9853 R2-0.9902 S1-0.9772 S2-0.9740
AUDUSD R1-0.7661 R2-0.7699 S1-0.7598 S2-0.7574
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Currency pair level of 12-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1813 R2-1.1842 S1-1.1763 S2-1.1742
USDJPY R1-110.35 R2-110.66 S1-109.52 S2-109.00
GBPUSD R1-1.3432 R2-1.3486 S1-1.3334 S2-1.3290
USDCHF R1-0.9873 R2-0.9893 S1-0.9836 S2-0.9819
AUDUSD R1-0.7624 R2-0.7640 S1-0.7592 S2-0.7575
Currency pair level of 13-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1793 R2-1.1840 S1-1.1716 S2-1.1686
USDJPY R1-110.60 R2-110.82 S1-110.06 S2-109.75
GBPUSD R1-1.3418 R2-1.3464 S1-1.3335 S2-1.3297
USDCHF R1-0.9892 R2-0.9916 S1-0.9837 S2-0.9806
AUDUSD R1-0.7610 R2-0.7647 S1-0.7551 S2-0.7528
Currency pair level of 15-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1760 R2-1.1952 S1-1.1470 S2-1.1371
USDJPY R1-110.92 R2-111.21 S1-110.21 S2-109.62
GBPUSD R1-1.3388 R2-1.3513 S1-1.3197 S2-1.3132
USDCHF R1-1.0021 R2-1.0072 S1-0.9872 S2-0.9772
AUDUSD R1-0.7550 R2-0.7622 S1-0.7441 S2-0.7403
Currency pair level of 18-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1644 R2-1.1678 S1-1.1560 S2-1.1510
USDJPY R1-110.93 R2-111.19 S1-110.39 S2-110.12
GBPUSD R1-1.3315 R2-1.3351 S1-1.3227 S2-1.3175
USDCHF R1-0.9995 R2-1.0015 S1-0.9951 S2-0.9926
AUDUSD R1-0.7470 R2-0.7498 S1-0.7426 S2-0.7411
Currency pair level of 20-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1646 R2-1.1703 S1-1.1532 S2-1.1474
USDJPY R1-110.59 R2-111.11 S1-110.07 S2-109.55
GBPUSD R1-1.3249 R2-1.3323 S1-1.3125 S2-1.3076
USDCHF R1-0.9975 R2-1.0007 S1-0.9914 S2-0.9885
AUDUSD R1-0.7425 R2-0.7468 S1-0.7343 S2-0.7304
Currency pair level of 21-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1603 R2-1.1634 S1-1.1538 S2-1.1506
USDJPY R1-110.60 R2-110.84 S1-109.98 S2-109.61
GBPUSD R1-1.3212 R2-1.3250 S1-1.3140 S2-1.3108
USDCHF R1-0.9985 R2-1.0009 S1-0.9937 S2-0.9913
AUDUSD R1-0.7396 R2-0.7425 S1-0.7353 S2-0.7338
Currency pair level of 22-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1656 R2-1.1708 S1-1.1530 S2-1.1456
USDJPY R1-110.56 R2-110.13 S1-109.63 S2-109.26
GBPUSD R1-1.3308 R2-1.3375 S1-1.3138 S2-1.3035
USDCHF R1-0.9971 R2-1.0024 S1-0.9882 S2-0.9845
AUDUSD R1-0.7401 R2-0.7423 S1-0.7351 S2-0.7324
Currency pair level of 23-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1688 R2-1.1720 S1-1.1611 S2-1.1567
USDJPY R1-110.22 R2-110.44 S1-109.79 S2-109.58
GBPUSD R1-1.3309 R2-1.3352 S1-1.3230 S2-1.3195
USDCHF R1-0.9915 R2-0.9950 S1-0.9859 S2-0.9838
AUDUSD R1-0.7471 R2-0.7496 S1-0.7398 S2-0.7349
Currency pair level of 26-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1736 R2-1.1768 S1-1.1650 S2-1.1597
USDJPY R1-110.10 R2-110.41 S1-109.42 S2-109.05
GBPUSD R1-1.3307 R2-1.3334 S1-1.3236 S2-1.3194
USDCHF R1-0.9889 R2-0.9909 S1-0.9852 S2-0.9835
AUDUSD R1-0.7440 R2-0.7466 S1-0.7392 S2-0.7369
Currency pair level of 27-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1701 R2-1.1754 S1-1.1615 S2-1.1582
USDJPY R1-110.41 R2-110.75 S1-109.55 S2-109.03
GBPUSD R1-1.3380 R2-1.3337 S1-1.3179 S2-1.3135
USDCHF R1-0.9939 R2-0.9965 S1-0.9872 S2-0.9831
AUDUSD R1-0.7420 R2-0.7445 S1-0.7375 S2-0.7355
Currency pair level of 28-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1638 R2-1.1721 S1-1.1506 S2-1.1457
USDJPY R1-110.62 R2-110.97 S1-109.79 S2-109.32
GBPUSD R1-1.3197 R2-1.3281 S1-1.3068 S2-1.3023
USDCHF R1-1.0004 R2-1.0034 S1-0.9917 S2-0.9860
AUDUSD R1-0.7392 R2-0.7444 S1-0.7306 S2-0.7272
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