MAHSING above $2.01 by 31-Mar-2010

  • target price: $2.01 ( 6.91 % in 24 days)
  • price when predicted: $1.88
  • current price: $1.58
  • 3060 days pass target date.
Bonus issue (5 for 1) has been approved in EGM. Candlesticks formed bullish triangle. Opening of Bollinger Band indicates high chance of uptrend, supported by golden-crossed MACD and climbing slow stochastic. Expect to test 2.01 resistance before end of the month.
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Thanks for sharing and good work pointing all these out. I will definitely keep an eye on it.
sorry guys,my mistake. EGM is on 23/3,hence bonus issue is not approved yet.I guess nobody would turn the proposal down.
seems to me that many counters are forming the pennant formation these couple of weeks, mahsing included (dly + wkly).

this counter is testing the historical S/R level of 1.87/1.88 which is coincidentally the middle of the flag. if the trend turns upside thus breaking the upper resistance line in the next few days, perhaps your prediction could materialize.

however, be warned that if the upper resistance proves too strong, the setup could easily turn into a bearish pennant formation.

good luck.
correction jksia1982....bonus 1 for 5 not 5 for 1
Hi phantom78, i have read your comments on other's predictions. From your comments, i presume you are well versed with technical analysis and the stock market. Perhaps, you could provide some stock predictions using your skills and knowledge to help others like me to make some money. Thanks.

hi ong,

thanks for your flattering confidence is me. unfortunately, i don't do stock predictions cause my plan can change very quickly and i do not want others to get burnt because of something i posted.

TA is my hobby which i have been doing for >5 years. sometimes i make money but many times i lose money too. perhaps what i can offer is my TA views on your stock selections.

my advise is to ultimately preserve your capital, and always trade with a solid plan and with the trend.

good luck!
Hi phantom78, thanks for your kindness to offer your views on my stock selection.
I have invested in a few listed companies in BursaMalaysia and they seems to be making profit and paying dividend but their share prices are not moving up much. I wonder if you could provide your views on stock like Salcon and Poh Kong. Is it worth holding on to these stocks for longer period?

hi ong, let's not hog this thread any more. i will email you my analysis when i have free time to look at them later.

read what other people post online - mine included - with a pinch of salt. no one's experts here and ultimately you make the decisions on ur own. caveat emptor!
back on mahsing - with the price movements these past few days, a breakout from the pennant soon is quite likely, more if 1.95 holds as support. the counter will have to move another +3.6% within the next 2 days for this prediction to materialize. however, if breakout from pennant is successful, i do believe the tp should be much higher.

chart -

however, with the bonus issue ex-date on 2010/04/08, wouldn't it cause dilution (=price adjustment)? anyone care to shed some light on how this works? thanks.
Hi phantom78,

On ex date (5/4/2010), the opening price will be (5/6 * last traded price).
Thanks, jkasia.
this prediction is correct but 2 days late :S
Hi jksia1982,

Ive just started investing in stocks (Mahsing ) and i bought it at 1.90.... suddenly it dropped to rm1.68 !! what does the bonues thingy meant? am i at lost? sorry Im a noob.pls enlighten me.
Hi jksia 1982,

sorry just one more thing. if i only bought say 300 share instead of 1000 , with the bonus of 1 for 5, what would happen to my 300 share? the bonus applies to 1000 only right? so when i bought 300 shares at 1.90 and suddenly bonus issued (diluted to 1.68), i would still have 300 shares at RM1.68?? im confused. can some1 pls enlighten. thks
Hi iguana321,

The adjustment of share price from 1.9x to 1.6x was necessary in accordance with 1:5 bonus share distribution. You are entitled to have 300/5= 60shares as bonus share. As a result, you now have 360 shares in total. In addition, I'd like to advise you to buy sufficient amount of shares to avoid getting odd lots. in this case, buy5 free1, u better buy 5lots and get 1 lot free.
thks for the enlightenment, however... I'm still trying to work out the maybank online stock selling. It only allows me to sell (a X 100) units. meaning I cant seem to sell 360 coz i could only sell 4X100=400 which is invalid. i cant seem to buy another 40 to sum it up to 400 too coz minimum = (1 X 100) :( .Is My 60 stock unit stuck in limbo or do I have to sell it via a broker?? appreciate ur help.
You definitely cannot sell 400shares coz you only have 360shares. Since trading quantity must be multiple of 100units, that means the maximum number of shares u can sell is 300. However, u may consider buying odd lots to sum it up to 400 (or 500 etc).

The brokerage of buying/selling odd lots differ among investment banks, do consult ur advisor/broker on this matter.

P/s:you should see ur bonus 60 shares in ur trust account by now, as it is deposited on 7/4/2010.
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