JCY above $1.60 by 12-Mar-2012

  • target price: $1.60 ( 7.38 % in 32 days)
  • price when predicted: $1.49
  • current price: $0.53
  • 2347 days pass target date.
JCY is riding on the 5th wave of the rising tide, touching the high of 1.49 this morning. There is a good chance that the 5th wave could be extended beyond 1.60 in the next few weeks. However, expect some turbulence and volatility as the stock approaches IPO price of 1.60; the stale bulls will come out in droves to recoup their capital.
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I Think So

Not Likely


JCY's game is not over yet. The company has just announced the result of RM162 million profit or 7.94 sen per share plus a Tax Exempt dividend of 2 sen (unexpected by most people). Result is true to their earlier profit guidance.

The stock may take a breather and consolidate for a while, as saying goes "buy on rumours, sell on news". However, in the case of JCY, it was not rumours but profit guidance. Hence, there is an even chance for the stock to continue moving after a few days of rest.
JCY - some issues to ponder about over the week end.

JCY is sandwiched between two market forces, from now until the end of February 2012. On one hand, the sterling 1Q2012 result (7.94 sen/share + 2 sen T.A dividend)) is a good catalyst to move the price upward beyond 1.40. On the other hand, there is a Call-Warrant maturing at the end of the month.

The exercise price of JCY-CW is 70 sen, which means the issuer will have to cough up the difference between market price and the exercise price depending on the market price of JCY at the end of the month.

In order to minimize payment, the issuer will probably try all means to influence JCY price to move lower. Who will prevail? Market or CW issuer? No body knows.

The two opposing forces will keep JCY price in a tight range of + or – 1.40. However, when the month of March comes, JCY may spring up like “jack-in-the-box”!
JCY was crushed by the two opposing forces - Market and CW issuer. Looks like the latter is prevailing for the time being. Do not be dismay, when the winter Feb is over, the spring March will arrive and J-C-Y will leap for J-O-Y.
LOL, love your prosaic views mate :D
JCY game is far from over. When the present JCY-CD expires at the end of this month, a new game will begin to unfold. One of the investment banks will ramp up JCY prices to a certain level and they will issue a new batch of call-warrants. No one can predict how high JCY will go next month onward. Here is the caution, as soon as new call-warrants are issued, it is time to run for your life!
JCY is laying a "bear trap". The bears are driven by fears sown by the current call warrant issuer into the trap and they will all perish in the stampede of the charging bulls as February comes to the close.

The present known fundamentals of JCY are too good for the share price to hover around 1.18 region. It is an anomaly. Whenever there is an anomaly, market will correct by itself in due course, just like water finds its own level.
JCY is grossly oversold in the past one week, with OSK as the most aggressive seller. OSK may have run out of bullets. As the week closes and JCY-CD expires, price of JCY might spring up like a "Jack in a box", as mentioned in earlier comments.

OSK can still press JCY price down by selling borrowed stocks until tomorrow. But OSK will have to buy back JCY shares after CD expires. Therefore, the real jump will take place in early March.
JCY is beginning to move a little bit now. It will take a couple of days to allay the fears that had been sown by the now-expired CD issuer. On top of that, there is possibility that the issuer might keep the price subdued in order to buy back borrowed stocks. However, no single person except the controlling shareholder, can come against the market forces. The real show is probably coming next week.
JCY: Much patience is required for the next round of bull run. Two possibilities could trigger the next rally with current fundamentals remain intact. First, of course is the ramping up of price for another investment bank to issue a new batch of call-warrants. Second, the current free-float of JCY shares is below 25% mandatory requirement for public listing. The controlling shareholder might ride on the bullish factors to place out a batch of JCY shares at an attractive price - at least similar to last IPO price of 1.60 or higher. Watch for possible announcements next few months!

Do not worry too much about SSD, it is too expensive for the time being for mass storage. Check it out how much it would cost to buy 500G of SSD, it may blow your mind!
Looks certain that my timing for JCY to hit 1.60 in early March is incorrect. Let JCY consolidate for the next 1 or 2 months, flushing out all the margin players and stale bulls; the price would fluctuate in the tight range of 1.10 to 1.20 per share. The next ball game should not be very far away, be patient and watch.
JCY had peaked last month, dont dream that it would go up to that level anymore, infact, it is heading to 1.00 soon.

my 0.1cent worth
One has to face some hard facts now. JCY failed to penetrate the strong barrier at 1.60 and is retracing. If one looks at the chart, a head and shoulder pattern has been formed and points to the possible low of 0.80 to 0.90 if the current price breaks below critical support of 1.10 (hopefully that would not happen).

There is a glimmer of hope, even at 0.80 to 0.90, the price is above 200 MA line. It all depends on the 2Q results to be announced between April and May. If 2Q result is as good as 1Q, that might spark off another rally. If 2Q result does not meet market expectation, I think JCY can "tutup kedai"
petracot, now u say this... imagine ppls had followed your advise on 1.60 up until yesterday.

and are you trading on hope?
"to the possible low of 0.80 to 0.90 if the current price breaks below critical support of 1.10 (hopefully that would not happen)"

obviously you are not fit to give any advise on Buy or Sell call.
enough of your conspiracy theory on most of the stock you recommended. you are misleading ppls here.
would appreciate if you want to talk abt fundamental, just stick to it, dont fusion it with your invented conspiracy theory, it is doing a lot of harm to newbies.
i think you can be a good fiction writer. you are very imaginative.
This is an open JCY forum and every person has the right to freedom of expression. Every body knows what's written in this forum are opinions and not recommendations for buying or selling. I certainly would not expect anybody to take anything seriously without thinking and doing his own research. I think I will put a caveat each time I write.

I've never expected my writings can stir up a hornets' nest. Again I must stress,these are opinions, reflections, passing thoughts, guess-timates ... Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. I do not expect anyone who hits the bull-eye every time he throws a dart to be reading this forum - it would be a total waste of his time and utter exercise of futility.

Anyway, thanks for all the constructive, destructive as well as sarcastic comments. I certainly can learn something out of it.
well, there are newbies, they come to this forum to look for Sifu in telling them what to buy or sell, one day u say 1.60, and convincingly assured ppls it would move to that despite the weakness. the next week u say 0.80. how would u expect newbies to react if they had bought based on your writing. i m sure there r ppls who followed your opinion i personally know a few.
Fully agree with Simon....be a bit responsible if you wish to post some recommendation or providing some fact. Ensure they are real facts...and not fiction. If you wish to throw dart...make surte you mention it at the end of your recommendation.
These type of ppl are self proclaimed genius in fundamental. They total disregard technical. When their call is right they blow trumpet. When their call is wrong, they said "hold on" to the stock on long term investment view. Either way they are right...too bad there are lots of newbies out there that follow them blindly....u can only warn them but u can't ask them not to read...so let the newbies learn the hard way I suppose.
one day they talk abt fundamental, another day they talk about chart ie head v leg formation bla bla, (not knowing anything about technical) the next day if all doesnt come true, they talk abt CONSPIRACY. they always have the comfort to ask all to hold longterm. none of their business already. then they move on to next excitement.
remember Xenon?
let them be la simon...these ppl are "wannabe" but "cannot be" yet "still wannabe"...sheok sendiri saja la
hahaha. rite
Speaking about Xenon, the clown disappeared after his bold claims about KNM shooting up fizzled once again. Guess he was no longer laughing all the way to the bank eh? Still, like a bad rash, I'm sure he'll be back :D
according to his claim, he has made so much money, he has had home run in all the counters that shotup during 2011. and he always bot at the lowest and sold at the highest,and with huge quantity. my guess is, he has bought an island somewhere, hire some security guards and nice chics and live happily ever after.
Haha, well put :D You wondered why he'd still be here asking people to buy KNM. LOL. Perhaps he wanted to 'share his wealth'.
Hi all,

JCY now sitting at lower Bollinger Band with white doji candlestick. Stochastic below 20% line. If tomorrow form white candle, friday will be good to enter.
i like this type of comment, pure technical, with the "if" and no conspiracy bullshit or grandmother stories.
thanks keep it up!
i think otherwise: it is too late to enter tomorrow or day after since candle block already been formed yesterday and sit on the lower band which confirmed the bottom of this wave. apparently, yesterday's closing was point of reversal and it was confirmed today. fast stochastic started moving upwards.
overall, macd still in negative territory which may see jcy still consolidating before another bull.
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