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Chaikin Money Flow (CMF): Developed by Marc Chaikin, CMF is calculated from the daily readings of the Accumulation/Distribution line and it is used to provide an indication whether the security is undergoing accumulation or distribution.


Chaikin Oscillator: Developed by Marc Chaikin, Chaikin Oscillator is the moving average of the Accumulationg/Distribution line. It is created by subtracting a 10 period exponential moving average of the Accumulation/Distribution from its 3 period exponential moving average.


Chaikin Volatility: Developed by Marc Chaikin, Chaikin Volatility is the spread between two moving averages of the Accumulation/Distribution line where the range between the highs and lows are quantified as the volatility.


Channel: A channel is formed by drawing a parallel line to the basic trendline whereby the parallel line and the basic trendline will form a channel that will encapsulate most of the price actions. In an uptrend, an additional line is plotted by connecting the rally peaks and will provide potential resistance for further rally. In a downtrend, an additional line is plotted by connecting the troughs and will provide potential support. In a sideways trading range, upper line will provide resistance and lower line will provide support.


Close Location Value: An indicator calculated by determining the location of the closing price in relation to its high and low for the same period.


Commodity Channel Index (CCI): Developed by Donald Lambert, CCI is an indicator that was originally designed to identify cyclical turns in commodities. It can also be used for stocks and bonds. CCI is typically used to gauge the strength of a trend where it can also provide overbought (above a reading of 100) and oversold (below a reading of -100) signals.


Confirmation: Confirmation refers to the occasion where multiple market factors and/or technical indicators agreeing with one another.

Continuation patterns: Price pattern formations that indicates a pause or consolidation in the underlying prevailing trend. Most common continuation patterns include triangles, flags and pennants.

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