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Simple moving average: A moving average that gives equal weight to each day’s price data.


Stochastics: A popular oscillator usually constructed with 14 periods as its time span. Stochastics uses two lines, namely the %K and its 3 period moving average, %D. These two lines fluctuate between readings of 0 to 100. Readings above 80 are overbought whereas readings below 20 are oversold. When the faster $K crosses above the slower %D and both lines are below 20, a buy signal is given. When the %K crosses below the %D and both lines are over 80, a sell signal is given. The Slow Stochastics indicator is a variation from the standard, or also known as the Fast, Stochastics setup. Mathematically both are the same except Slow Stochastics %K is a 3 period exponential moving average of the Fast Stochastics’ %K. Slow Stochastics is therefore less sensitive to price changes and gives out less trading signal and could potentially minimise false trading signals for the trader. 


Stochastic RSI: This is an indicator of an indicator. As the name implies, it is a stochastic oscillator of the RSI indicator where overbought and oversold conditions can be observed to provide trigger signals.  


Support: Support is a price or a price zone that resembles a base which is expected to halt a price decline. It is the opposite of resistance.


Symmetrical triangle: A sideways price pattern between two converging trendlines in which the lower trendline is rising and the upper trendline is declining. Although generally a continuation price pattern, the breakout through either trendline would generally signal the direction of the price trend.

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