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LBS is on an slight uptrend on the weekly chart, if u are planning to sit on an investment for years to come, this might be a average stock. But the gains ratio from it will be fairly limited and not worth waiting for me though. It is however on a slight downtrend in the near term, so if u are buying now, u will be looking at red for months to come. Invest wisely.
14-Jun-2014 8:01 PM

[HARVEST] Upside Post Designation

"Most valuable lesson - nobody gets rich by playing the stock market, of course except the experience few, like me." <---- LOLROFLMAO!
7-Dec-2011 9:38 AM


when is pavreit gonna list? im on a long vacation and far away frm trading.
5-Dec-2011 8:03 PM

[KNM] 23 Aug 11: KNM DIRT CHEAP @ 1.44

Not all Investors are Buy and Hold and Not all Speculators cuts losses.
27-Nov-2011 10:06 AM

[KNM] 23 Aug 11: KNM DIRT CHEAP @ 1.44

daniel is refering to xenon post about forming a 2/10 trader then be better than warren.
27-Nov-2011 10:04 AM

[KNM] 23 Aug 11: KNM DIRT CHEAP @ 1.44

His last post : "1)2)3) Wait & see. Who's right, who's wrong These are obvious bull markers for seasoned players. KNM - i'm not yet proven wrong. 1.30++ is still within cheap buying band of 1.44." he should be suffering about 22% loss from 1.44 ..and he said he bought half a million worth of it.. How "seasoned" can that be?
23-Nov-2011 7:05 PM

[CIMB] Need help. Can someone decode TA chart of CIMB(1023). Your help would be much appreciated.

Since you are a newbie in investment, you should first gauge your risks. How much are you willing to risk in any investments. Then you should plot your time frame for your ROI. Finally you should ditch most TA stuffs and fundamental stuffs that you have learn and concentrate on just a few (3 steps)stuffs (the most basic) 1) follow the trend, easy cause its either up, down, sideways. Buy only when the main trend goes up, sell when it reaches your target, always have stop loss to protect profits and losses. 2) Checks the balance sheet of the company for past 4 quarters, if its making money and increasingly so, then its a good bet. (make sure the trend is up and the company is making $) 3) Repeat part 1 and 2 and continue making money. simple right? cheers and happy trading.
7-Nov-2011 7:08 PM

[OTHERS] Up or Down ????

Ok, from my opinion and understanding of what makes up a dead cat bounce.. Its basically a layman term for "technical rebound" , Because it was commonly used back in the old days where Technical Analysis is very much in the infant stage, so it actually describes a similar situation as a tech rebound. As any tech rebound, there is no fix rules on how much it can rebound , it all depends entirely on the market at that time due to supply and demand and the mood of the traders. So, Dead Cat Bounce is commonly found at the end of a long term uptrend, when there is sudden selloff which the index drops drastically until it reaches a very strong support where short term traders jumps in and attempt to profit from the rebound.(the bounce) , because it is basically a short term rebound which is unable to break the impending downtrend, it is why they label it as a dead cat bounce (just like how a cat falls down 20 storey to the ground and bounce off the ground abt 1 feet before falling to the ground dead). well, thats what i think it is.. anyone has a better explanation for it? im all ears. cheers & happy trading :)
4-Oct-2011 5:59 PM

[KNM] 23 Aug 11: KNM DIRT CHEAP @ 1.44

muiind can make big bucks, if you can hold onto it for sometime. i did make a small killing out of it last year.
27-Aug-2011 7:36 PM

[TENAGA] Good time to accumulate now...

it will go back to normal as long as it has the monopoly as a power producer no doubt , it is riskier to throw money into it at the moment. better wait for a clearer picture.
26-Aug-2011 10:49 PM
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