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[TRANMIL] Interesting indeed

Daytrader I see... based on the manner you replied to my comments, definitely you have the temperaments of a daytrader. Good EQ!!! Previously you ve mentioned that someone complained that the forum is inactive. And you d know that most newbies are cocksure anyway. Like what my dad used to say since I was a little boy - In a bull market, everyone seemed to think that they re the master of the stock market. To make the forum more active as was implied in your previous message, dont you think you were a little to harsh on the guy? I mean come on... not everyone matches your experiences. And most are/will be afraid to post for fear of repercussions? That said, your intention is good, no question about it. 74 sen per two day especially when the stock price was below RM1 is indeed huge - worthwhile would be an understatement. But normallah. I mean, how many times have we ourselves missed such opportunities? Well, for me, its too numerous to count. Haha. On the timing of posts, supposed I didnt really noticed it. My apologies. Indeed TA is based on historical patterns etc. However, I still do not regard it as hindsight as it is based on the PAST. Keyword is past. Because it only tells us what has happened. Take example, say a stock began its move at 1.50 climbs up to a high of 2.00 and then back down to 1.50 - making a rounding top pattern. Now, at 1.50, where will it go? Will it break 1.50 and then targeted price at 1.00? Or will it rebound and make a Double Top Formation? Or will it rise above the previous high and then another lower high to make Head and Shoulder? We dont know at that point in time, we d need further market action to tell us where the direction is. Hence, this is why I do not regard it as hindsight. On next week's movement for Transmile, I have similar views though for different reasons. Based on the price and volume alone, indicators ignored, further decline is more probable. I do not see RM2 as strong support line - never liked psychological round numbered support line. To me, should the decline be continuous, support is seen circa 1.78. However, should the price break 2.52 and stay put above, then we may see a huge rally to perhaps circa 4.80 though it is ascertain as not likely at this moment in time. Whereby the price does not move in one direction with consistency or velocity, then we d have to relook at the chart.
29-Mar-2008 1:33 PM

[TRANMIL] Typical of human beings

It is typical of human beings to not wanting to work for their gains. To quote Livermore - "I NEVER hesitate to tell a man that I am bullish or bearish. But I do not tell people to buy or sell any particular stock.... But the average man doesn't wish to be told that it is a bull or a bear market. What he desires is to be told specifically which particular stock to buy or to sell." Those who are cocksure (using your term) that they are right are often newbies themselves. Trading is not about being right or the need to be right. To need or to want to be right puts the person at the beginning stage. Patterns/indicators are not what I considered as hindsight. To me, what I meant was simply to say things after it has happened has no value whatsoever. And you sure Transmile went up by another 29 sen? Today 28/3/2008, my chart showing it went down by 7 sen? And a crosscheck with Bursa site confirms that it is down? Anyway, lets pretend it went up 29 sen. Its of no value as well as you did not advise to buy or to comment that it still had potential to rise. No need to be cocksure. To me, nothing is certain. Potentially is sufficient. You meant no offense and none is taken. No offense intended here either but I prefer postings prior to the actual happening even if one is not 100% sure. Take this post for example - Someone asked if it was the potential bottom and I replied on Sunday before the market open. I wasnt 100% sure. But potentially it could have been and it was worth a shot. And I posted that alongwith the usual disclaimer. Yeah, this more to what I term as ethical posting promotion. Hey, markets off for two days... I m too free - nothing to do. Hahahaha
28-Mar-2008 9:56 PM

[TRANMIL] Aftermath comment

Aftermath comment with hindsight are of little or no value
27-Mar-2008 7:59 PM


Distribution phase.
12-Jun-2007 10:52 AM
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