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[OTHERS] Final Suggestion to Improve the Ranking of Predictors and Good Bye

Due to my work in the fund managing industry , my time is very much limited and many predictions are in conflict of interest. So let this be my final suggestions to further improve this website, especially on the predictor part. 1) weed out predictors that predicts low amount of movement in counters. example : maybank up 1 -3% which this can happen everyday, minor movements that are taken into account and a predictor that predicts 100 or 200 counter that moves 1% will be a top predictor in no time. 2) weed out the predictors that predicts pennies of the penny. Predicting a 0.01 counter to move up 0.01 is a 100% gains but that can easily happen daily, so a predictor can easily predict 10 or 20 which each moves up marginally and able to net a huge percentage gains. 3) have a more wider area for forums instead of discussions, this will increase activities and more information exchanges. 4) Allow the top predictors to list several counters that all top 5 them agreed of on the page, this will allow the newer users to buy accordingly. Ok, the suggestions here are simple, but can be adjusted and tweaked further. So this is a great website, anyone that treasures this should once a while click on the ads to give them some support. As ive said, this is final . Im leaving this good site ... well for good, hope those that have profited from my predictions be able to continue prosper and those that benefited from this site to spread the message further on. Good bye and Cheers to the winners.
29-Mar-2011 4:59 PM

[LIONDIV] help

LionDiv basically has been on downtrend for quite sometime.. but it has found a solid support in the psychological support of 0.40 + - , If you are in urgent need to use the $$, you may consider cut loss else If you have holding power and you invested and aimed for long term, you can expect some upward movements in the range of 8 months to a year time. It will re-test the strong psychological resistance level of 0.55 + -, and once its broken, it will have a up trend in the making. hope this helps..
18-Mar-2011 11:45 PM


no prob, i aint the admin :) cheers.
4-Mar-2011 12:50 PM


No settings can change the colour of the bars, the indicator's histogram is fix green no matter it is above 0 or below 0.. Cant complain much though, after all this site is foc so dont expect you can customize the indicator colour.
4-Mar-2011 9:16 AM

[OTHERS] To Admin, Suggestion to improve quality of stock prediction.

likewish my friend, most importantly.. everyone makes $$ :D..
21-Feb-2011 4:42 PM

[OTHERS] To Admin, Suggestion to improve quality of stock prediction.

hey, You have been inactive for quite awhile, been busy with everyday life?? :D:D
20-Feb-2011 11:29 AM

[OTHERS] To Admin, Suggestion to improve quality of stock prediction.

Reaz, not everyone is a responsible kind of people. There has been instances where a user predicted a counter with over 30+ prediction for every cent move upward which budding investor pointed out earlier. This kind of spamming virtually blanketed the entire prediction of other users and thats just from 1 user, imagine 10 or 20 people doing the same. What will happen?
20-Feb-2011 11:28 AM

[OTHERS] To Admin, Suggestion to improve quality of stock prediction.

Budding, i did mentioned it there, either it reaches the predicted price 1st or 1 month from the prediction is made. Below is part of the sentences.. " unless Genting reaches the predicted price of 10.50 within that period or it passes the 1 month period from 20/1/2011)" As for the percentage, a 5% would be good. Although the rules are suppose to restrict the spamming, it still has loopholes. A 5% change in a lumbering blue chips will be 10, 20 or even 30 cents which can takes weeks. A 5% change in a penny could be as low as 0.01 which can happen in a day swing. Unless there is different percentage changes for stocks below RM1 and above. well, thats another headache for the admin :D:D
20-Feb-2011 11:24 AM

[OTHERS] To Admin, Suggestion to improve quality of stock prediction.

Is it possible to restrict the user to predicting once per counter per month? For ex. 20/1/2011 Asura predict Genting above 10.50 by 30 May 2011. (In this case, The user(Asura) is not allowed to make a second prediction for the same counter genting within the next 1 month unless Genting reaches the predicted price of 10.50 within that period or it passes the 1 month period from 20/1/2011) If Genting didnt reach 10.50 by 1 month time, (the user can predict again after the 1 month period from 20/1/2011 and consider the previous prediction Void and null) This way it limits the prediction to max 12 per annum per counter and avoids the spamming such as: 20/1/2011 Asura predict Genting above 10.50 by 30 May 2011. 22/1/2011 Asura predict Genting above 10.58 by 30 May 2011. 25/1/2011 Asura predict Genting above 10.65 by 30 May 2011. ........................................................................ Another restriction that can be implemented is the 3% minimum prediction. It can solve spam predictions that is very marginal from the current price such as the below example: 20/1/2011 Asura predict Genting above 10.50(0.59% from current price) 20/1/2011 Asura predict Bjtoto above 4.53 (0.61% from current price) 20/1/2011 Asura predict IOICorp above 5.50 (0.7% from current price) So if setting a 3% minimum to each prediction, all the above marginal gains prediction will not be taken into account as a "Hit" prediction, the changes in price of the prediction is so minimal and marginal that even 1 day of ups or downs will make the prediction a "winning prediction" Hope admins will take into considerations that with better filters like these , it can make the predictions to be more of quality and prevent further abuse.
18-Feb-2011 11:46 AM

[OTHERS] Selling largely overdone.

Time to pick up some "dead chickens"
11-Feb-2011 10:01 AM
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