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[OTHERS] margin financing

me.. i trade mostly on my medium to longterm investment shares based on the TA charts and use the profits to add-on to the investment shares. Also on a couple other recommendations by our fellow forumist here in tradeSignum...
22-Oct-2012 8:57 PM

[OTHERS] margin financing

profitable... well it depends on what you trade on. advisable... personally i say a BIG NO NO ! i can't say for others but to me the first and foremost rule that you MUST comply in trading or investing is NEVER USE BORROWED MONEY TO TRADE OR INVEST !
19-Oct-2012 9:51 PM


Wishing everyone @ tradesignum & your loved ones "GONG XI FA CAI" ... and may this year of the Dragon bring us all good health, happiness, prosperity and peace. Also hope that the market trades & investments profits will be blossoming this year ... cheers.
20-Jan-2012 8:11 PM

[DRBHCOM] drbhicom: double bottom?

first let me caveat my knowledge on TA... no qualification ok. sometimes these things take patience... still haven't show the reversal. perhaps you are eager for the reversal of the double bottom to happen but it can't be confirmed yet although it sure looks like one. perhaps in a couple of days, it will show, but there is also no evidence of volume to support the reversal. i would wait until the reversal happens with volume and about to pass or pass the confirmation line before i'd buy. even then, after the trendline is broken, the price might re-trace back to the trendline before inching upwards again. but that's my observation, more than often wrong, so if i were you, i'd take it with a sack of salt ! i'm also learning, if i'm wrong in my interpretation, pls do let me know so that i don't shoot in the dark... cheers.
22-Dec-2011 12:22 PM

[HIRO] IA Advice ?

I'd most likely do the same but I just wanted to know what the IA had to say first. It will be interesting to see how Inter-Pac is advising especially when the price is way below Hiro's NTA and intrinsic value and the major shareholder have agreed to sell.... and the same shareholder, being in the Board also appointed Inter-Pac as the IA. BTW, congrats in advance on your coming "budding" newborn... first one?
12-Dec-2011 7:19 PM

[HIRO] IA Advice ?

You guys rec'd the IA's advice on the offer by MBM yet ? I have yet to receive the IA (Inter-Pacific Securities) Independent Advice Circular.... What the fcuk is happening here ? IA appointed on 15/11, extended timeline to submit IAC 05/12, MBM offer documents (rec'd) expiring on 19/12, today is 12/12... 7 more days to go ! The MI's are definitely getting screwed here !!
12-Dec-2011 1:11 PM

[KNM] Is this stock worth to continue holding on to?

On KNM, there is some good news amidst this. The Company have decided on a 50% profit payout as dividend effective FYE 2012 (next year), so, with an order book of ~RM3.3b, you just have to look back at their announcements on contracts won and look at its details to figure out when its executable and work-out its estimated profits into the various financial year ends. Once you can estimate its dividend yield, + capital appreciation potential, then the decision to hold or cut will be depending on your personal risk profiling... cheers. ps... or you may swap counter to Dialog.... ;D
25-Nov-2011 6:32 PM

[KNM] Is this stock worth to continue holding on to?

marco.. i don't mean to question your decision, but whether you are a trader or investor, whatever your remisier says, you have to take it with a pinch of salt. you have to do your own homework on the stocks recommended as to its fundamentals at minimum. if your answer is going to be "i'm not familiar how to do it" or "i don't know anything about stock" or "i buy and sell based on my remisier recommendation", then in my humble opinion is that you deposit your money with a professional fund manager and study how and what they invest in. meanwhile, read up research analyst papers on stocks which will give you an insight detail of the stock. ok, having said that, back to knm... the slide is due to the huge ~rm115mil loss posted in Q3 due to operating impairments which resulted into a year-to-date loss of ~RM86 mil. the question is "is this a one-off thingy or not ?". imho, there seems to be cost management issues that still persists and the loss might extend to Q4. however, the TA charts seems to suggest that its in a oversold position, hence like to see price support at rm0.95. i'd sit on it.... but... frankly, i dont have the stock, so thats just my 2sen opinion. cheers.
25-Nov-2011 11:42 AM


BI, AA, Myco, Syse.... and other tradesignum forumists.... what's your take between the 2 stocks? which would you choose? or buy both? personally, i like TSH due to its bright current & future prospects, but RSawit is knocking some doors.... thanks in advance for your input and hopefully we get a better insight investment knowledge from all contributors for a decent investment return. cheers.
14-Nov-2011 6:36 PM

[OTHERS] Up or Down ????

Myco, BuddingInvestor, AA & others... A question for you guys.... Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me a damn bloody intriguing question. He asked me whether in my opinion the market looks like a Dead-Cat-Bounce chart ? Fcuk... what the heck was he talking about ? OK.. I know a little bit of charts, but not that in-depth level... so like a consultant, I told, I don't have the chart with me but I will get back to him later today. Meanwhile, as any internet dummy.. I "googled" it... The search results was a learning process for me too.... Dead Cat Bounce Definition & Chart Example tradingsim.com/blog/dead-cat-bounce The Dead Cat Bounce: A Bear In Bull's Clothing? www.investopedia.com/articles/00/101700.asp Bulkowski's Dead-Cat Bounce thepatternsite.com/dcb.html There was a couple of charts example in it and when I compared it to tradeSignum TA chart on the KLCI... well... it sure looks like one to me !! Ok...my question to you guys there, 1. So... is it a Dead-Cat Bounce ? 2. The Bulkowski's Dead-Cat Bounce have a couple of % trend reference, does the numbers correspond viz-a-viz Bursa/KLCI chart ? 3. With EPF, PNB, etc end-of day window-dressing, can we still identify it as a Dead-Cat Bounce ? cheers guys.. & thanks inadvance for your views...
4-Oct-2011 10:06 AM
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