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Commetted on ARMADA above $4.30 by 31-May-2012
Imho, market is awaiting Gamuda's results... Q3 & Q4, ie. FYE July2012, which by my guesstimate is approx RM537mil (EPSRM0.26, current trading of PE13.8X, price approx RM3.60), which is reflective of its current market price. The tunneling work is expected to commence in July 2013, hence FYE July 2013 profit will be based on current on-going projects growth. However, the "potential" intrinsic value of the shares, simply taking the MRT tunneling award share RM4.1bil, say 8% margin, 4 years work, after tax, and a 10% risk discount, that works out to be RM60mil per year; and thats only for 1 line awarded. There are 2 more lines tunnelling award, guess who will get it... yes.. Gamuda-MMC JV ! Lets assume these 2 lines will give RM60mil profit too.. hence, FYE July 2014 ~ RM657mil, EPS ~ RM0.32, PE13.8X, TP=RM4.50. Probably, need Gamuda to do road-show to "sell" their projects to the market for some excitement.... patience is the word.. cheers.
30-Apr-2012 2:25 PM
Commetted on ARMADA above $4.30 by 31-May-2012
I believe in Bumi Armada's fundamentals, just like Dialog & TSH. Ok.. coming to "zzzzz" Gamuda... first, i'm not in it but I'm actually perplexed as to why the market didn't react positively to the news of the MRT tunneling project (RM8.3billion - Gamuda share being RM4.1billion)! Perhaps the news is "stale" as being perceived to be a foregone conclusion when the whole thing about this MRT project was announced in June 2010. At that time Gamuda was hovering around RM2.80 and since the announcement and approval by the Govt in Dec 2010, the price have moved upwards to RM3.60 - RM3.80 level (present range level too !). cont'd..
30-Apr-2012 2:24 PM
Commetted on ARMADA above $4.30 by 31-May-2012
good for you RT. Got mine @ RM4.00, no complains. Should be rewarding unless I read this totally wrong ??!! cheers.
30-Apr-2012 11:16 AM
Commetted on MBMR above $5.00 by 30-Sep-2012
Hi there Firdaus, OC? Is the book "The Day Trader: From the Pit to the PC" a nice book to read? Anyway, MBMR... I don't like this counter ! But that's due to personal reason... They stole Hirotako from us MI's at a bargain price without giving us a chance to realise Hirotako's future potential. MBMR have been trading below its NTA due to its "unclear" earnings previously. However, it's management seems to have taken it to limelight with the Hirotako takeover, bonus & rights issue, plus with its intention to move into vehicle assembly akin to DRB-Hicom, have spurred some investors interest... The future looks good for MBMR, with Hirotako's results consolidated + the intrinsic value of its shareholding in Perodua. cheers.
16-Apr-2012 10:52 PM
Commetted on JCY-CE above $0.40 by 31-May-2012
Why I say "at present" is because the market is waiting for the 2Q results and I do believe it will also in tandem with Q1 result again due to higher demand & US$ forex appreciation arising from HDD shortage due to Thailand floods. Q1 EPS is about RM0.08 and if this is annualised, then the speculation of JCY price breaching all time high of RM1.50 is a possibility taking its average PE of 6X, ie. TP of RM1.92. The flood situation presently in Thailand had normalised with Western Digital & Seagate resumed their production in Thailand. Hence, whilst Q2 results is expected also to be good, hence a catalyst for re-rating of the stock, I would exercise caution on Q3 & Q4 results since HDD demand would have normalised by end of Q2. Having said that, I recognise that the free float of the mother share is approx 15%-20%, hence it could be chased up but for the call warrant JCY-CE, please be careful. Just my 2sen thoughts....
3-Apr-2012 11:14 PM
Commetted on JCY-CE above $0.40 by 31-May-2012
RT.. I must say that the prediction is definitely bold and I do hope that it will be reached. However, instead of saying that its not likely, I'd like to add caution to all who wish to follow this call warrant prediction...as the returns looks good on a relatively small capital outlay... Based on simple maths, the prediction suggests that JCY mother share would be approx RM2.10 (2CW+RM1.30=1JCY). As it is at present, the warrant is out-of-money, when JCY is priced at RM1.19. Even when the JCY-CE is currently priced at RM0.18, that means JCY is priced at RM1.55 which is still higher than the average TP of most analyst at present.
3-Apr-2012 11:14 PM
Commetted on PADINI above $1.60 by 31-Aug-2012
hmmm... interesting... musufasa on 09/03 predicted that Padini will be RM2.30 by Sept 2012. Bro... want to tell us how you came to that figure ? cheers.
22-Mar-2012 5:53 PM
Commetted on PADINI above $1.60 by 31-Aug-2012
Yesterday night a friend asked my opinion on this stock but i had no idea at all since it was never in my stock-watch list. Anyway, googled it and from what i saw was only OSK & Hwangdbs + few blogs (incl. Tradesignum). My assessment is only based on Bursa announcement. Good to know that analyst are also covering it and positive views also. What actually attracted me to PADINI is its PEG (PE Growth) = PE/EPS growth (12.2/33.3) = 0.366 (Anything lower than 1 shows potential price movement upwards). OK perhaps EPS growth is a bit optimistic but on a discounted basis, EPS growth is still 17.5%. Simple maths, PEG=1 means PE=17.5, hence TP=17.5xRM0.134=RM2.30. A RM0.90 gain on RM1.40 investment = 64% return (very nice....) as usual, risks are always attached, hence judge the prediction based on your own judgement & risk appetite. cheers.
22-Mar-2012 5:49 PM
Commetted on TSH above $2.60 by 31-Dec-2012
Seriously, I don't know with constant manipulation in the last 15 mins trading. However, I note that the growth momentum of the economy is most likely to moderate due to the external weak conditions, europe debt problems. Don't look at it as a "loss" in entirety if you have holding power, especially if you believe stock do have a strong future capital appreciation potential. cheers.
19-Mar-2012 4:33 PM
Commetted on DIALOG above $3.00 by 31-Dec-2012
The TA charts depicts an oversold StochRSI 17.89, RSI 34.62, MACD divergence -0.016, treading its bottom bollinger band with a small white candle formed. It seems to have a support level at RM2.28. Next support is RM2.10, buy signal is there but lack volume to follow thru. Epf have been house-keeping last week until 13/03 being their last transaction, perhaps wait until end of the day to see if the book balancing is still on-going or not. Nevertheless, depending on your risk appetite, and whether your are a trader or investor, or combo of both, the decision to buy or not is yours depending on what you see the stock has top offer. As I have mentioned earlier, I see a lot of potential in Dialog, hence I'd nibble to accumulate patiently, as I foresee not much action until perhaps April/May. cheers.
19-Mar-2012 4:18 PM
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