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Market capitalisation of ASB as at 26 July 2013 is only RM 75 mio. Assuming u take a loan of RM 75 mio and buy over all the shares of this company. Now after you have acquired the company start the assets stripping exercise. 1. Use the Current Assets of RM 286 mio to settle all the liabilities of RM 137 mio. Now you still have a balance of RM 149 mio and use this to settle your initial loan of RM 75 mio. 2. Now you have a cool RM 74 mio of Current Assets. 3. That's not all. Take a quick look at the FIxed and Long Term Assets ,- Property, plant and Equip............ RM 156 mio Long Term Investment.................RM 69 mio Other Long Term Assets...............RM 11 mio Other Intangible...........................RM 8 mio So basically you are taking home over RM 318 mio or 62 sen a share without the goodwill of RM100 mio. This is a highly illiquid shares so patience is the virtue. Happy Investing! Invest at your own risk.
28-Jul-2013 9:34 AM


Price now is at 18 sen. Based on chart this counter was actively traded on June 4. Price went up from 18 sen to 24 sen. Then on lower volume price retrace back to 18sen within 3 days. Chart wise this counter is poised to stage another rally soon. Trend is reversing to uptrend. Volume is quite high at the second session of trading. Someone is accumulating. Enter at your own risk. Buy at 18sen and sell at 22sen. cheers, KT
11-Jun-2013 12:17 PM


Based on June 30 Financial Highlights; Property 74,421 Cash 13,148 FD 174 Receivables 7,801 TOTAL 95,544 minus CL + NCL 23,428 Total Net Assets 72,116 Shares 236018 Price = 30.6 sen This company has very little debt. so I am expecting a reversal soon. PS. Trade at your own risk
18-Oct-2012 8:37 AM

[PERISAI] PERISAI explosive earnings

This company will be announcing their earnings in the next 2 weeks. VOLUME wise more and more instituitional investors accumulating PERISAI after analysts start covering this stock last week. Yesterdays the share managed to tick up to 93sen crashing out all sellers at 92.5sen. No doubt 93-95sen will be plenty of sellers I believe net buyers will be taking positions soon as the earnings draw nearer. Not only investors anticipating earnings I believe more contracts renewal will be in place this coming months making this stock very active in the market. Take position now and keep in for a few more weeks. Happy investing!
8-Aug-2012 8:49 AM


all short term SMA trending up. Volume continue to be active. Smart money accumulating. More good news from RE business. Good business model. Go to Fitters website and read more on their media section.
16-Jul-2012 9:27 AM


Hi Obe 3141 I have sold all my tebrau shares at 87-92 sens. Property counter is no longer attractive. Focus on Oil and Gas, and plantation counters.
9-Apr-2012 8:16 AM


Looking at Hap Seng Consolidated's Chart. It is on an uptrend. What about Hap Seng WA? Still sideways. Time to make some quick profits. Hap Seng WA should be at 54sen if the mother share now is priced at RM1.76 a share. Happy Investing.
22-Feb-2012 9:10 AM


Google it a here and you can find dozens of news about him in the world wide web. 1. The New Chinaman Kingpin of Putrajaya in Malaysia-Today. 2. 1 MDP, Malton to redevelop RMAF base 3. Legal action on Pusat Damansara deal. 4. Brisk interest in EOE and Malton. 5. Will focus shift to Malton? and many more..... This chap just received an estimated RM702.7 million in cash from the Pavilion REIT listing in December 2011. Dali’s blog on OCT 11, 2011 highlighted Malton’s financial position of this grossly undervalued stock at PER 2.2X, P/B 0.3x, Gearing 16%. You and I know that this counter is grossly undervalued. What about Desmond Lim? He has all the funds to take Malton Bhd private. What is he waiting for? Malton Bhd is his only company that he can use to kick start all his projects (soon) on hand. Pavilion REIT is just a pure property play. He just need to strilke one or two projects from Putrajaya and Malton’s order book will be so BiG that will take years to complete. Look at his business partners. One big fish is Qatar Investment Authority so funding is not an issue. The other partner is the Putrajaya with plenty of government lands for Malton to develop. Trend follower or not you can go no wrong with Desmond Lim. Follow his appetites (you can find them all over the websites) and his associates and you will rewarded handsomely. As RPK always say: Behind every Malay politician look for the Chinaman, and that Chinaman is Datuk Desmond Lim. Note: Trade at your own risk. For information purposes only. Not an invitation to Buy or Sell.
12-Feb-2012 11:16 AM


Johar, KPRJ's cheif executive told the StarBiz in July 2011 that Tebrau Teguh would benefit immensely from Iskandar Malaysia as its landbank was startegically located in the main growth nodes of the growth corridor. This company has 413.53ha of undeveloped land and 12km water frontage within the Tebrau-Plentong river basin developiment with a net book value of RM591.93 million. Hello! Did u hear me right? if you can do simple arithmetic that land assets are valued at RM 13.30 psf. If you yourself own this land next to the RMB 13billion Danga Bay waterfront project (google IWH and DBSBs' website) wouldn't you want to sell more than what it is worth in the book value. Also look at Ekovest and Knusfords' earnings for the last 4 quarters. Impressive isn't it. Can Lim do the same for Tebrau? Hang in there the best has yet to come. We still have WAVE II and III. For those value seekers read the NEWS section on this website and do some fact findings. Now what do you think the right price should be for Tebrau. 76sen?
10-Feb-2012 7:51 AM


IS KIAN JOO DOING BETTER IN 2011? You have to check it out yourself but here is the 2010 Financial Highlights: YEAR 2010 (in’000) Revenue 992,671 Profits Before Taxations 132,906 Profits After Taxation and Minority Interest 101,967 Dividend Rate 35% Dividend Net 36,088 Paid-up Capital 111,042 Shareholders’Equity 872,166 Total Tangible Assets 1,196,228 Total Borrowings 114,432 Earnings Per Shares (sen) 22.96 Net Assets Backing Per share 1.96 Borrowings per shareholders’equity (%) 13% NO COMMENTS! ABSOLUTELY FAN-TAS-TIC! TARGET PRICE: RM2.60
7-Feb-2012 8:33 AM
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